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Saturday, 30 October 2010

No more lurking

Love your Lurkers day finally made me do it :finally, begin a blog. So firstly, please excuse the layout of the blog as I tinker with it, procrastinate, change my mind and find my way around.
So where to start.............do I write about how I have been a slave for a year? or how in my heart I have always been submissive? Do I write about the life I have lead so far? or the one that lays before me? or do I stop asking rhetorical questions and just get on with it? 

I will hold up my hand and say....I have lurked for a couple of years........I have commented occasionally (EH) when posts I have read have moved me, and I have been overcome with the need to have my say. Now I wonder what has changed, that has finally moved me to take finger to keyboard (it doesn't have the same ring to it as "pen to paper"...but you know what I mean) to open myself up, open to question , to comment, to discussion? I think maybe my owner's relentless questioning and probing has finally got to me. So today, is the first day, the first time I lay myself open to whoever chooses to read what will follow.