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Saturday, 8 October 2011

without you

I want to unspin the web you wove...the one you weaved into my life..... the one that was full of lies, and more than that, I want to unspin the web that has me ensnared

I feel like I am dying without you.
I know I am not, but I am empty....
My heart hurts, it aches with longing.

I am rootless.
In a puff of wind I will disappear.
My soul is lost.

I long to untangle the web you wove.
I want you to tell me
But I must not let you.

Here I stand, laid bare.
I love you, but I must not

Step backward.
I must not.

This life is over
Now I must learn to live a new one.


  1. Sending hugs... lots of them.


    P.S. Beautifully said.

  2. Things WILL get better.
    YOU will feel better. It will take as long as it takes; that is the hardest part... not knowing what morning you'll wake up and feel a little bit better.
    Lots of hugs going to you..

  3. hs- Raw, gut wrenching pain and I am glad you have the strength to write it and share it.

    You WILL learn to live a new life -and a BETTER one. You have to close one door for a new one to open.. it is the circle of life.


  4. You express yourself so beautifully, even in pain. Baby steps, and patience, and being good to yourself. Know also, that your blogging friends are hugging you, and are here.

  5. aisha, nancy and faithful.........you are all so kind. thank you