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Friday, 22 July 2011

him, me and the box of tricks

We have had a difficult few days, my heart belongs to him, as does the rest of me, but I am pulled in different directions by family and fiends. I need to see them to and he knows this, he knows I need to and he wants me to, but he wants me to be with him too.

He sends me off to see them, giving me a free rein, but then gets snappy when I don't send him text, or call to let him know whats going on.

Its always difficult, this telling him. half of me likes it, the control, his need to be in charge, his concern that I am ok, and yet still the other half of me whats to tell him that I am more than capable to look after myself, plan a route, know where I am going, to be bale to change my plans and "go with the flow".

Sometimes I hate having to text him when things change. Its not as if he wants to really change things himslef, he just wnts to be kept "in the picture". So we have a had a few days where he has been frustrated to say the least, lack of coverage from mobile phone where I am is adding to it.

He has put his foot down and we are going away for a week, just the two of us to some remote cottage somewhere, we leave tomorrow......I love my friends and family, but I see his point; just him and me...we him and me and the box of tricks............

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  1. Yes you need time alone to be together with no distractions.
    Enjoy :)