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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Playtime...coitus interuptus

This morning was playtime...........he decided it was and so it was.

For the last few weeks I have found playtime difficult, I have just not been in the mood, not feeling wonderfully sexy, or desirable or any of those feelings. And whilst I know that I don't need them to participate, it always makes it more fun, so when he said,"get the toys" , I had to try hard to look enthusiastic and happy. I am not sure I was overly convincing but we started.

He asked me to get the red rope that he likes me to use to make a rope bra, and he had me tie it very slowly and very tightly. He enjoys watching the rope move around my body, watch me pull it through, pulling tighter and tighter, twisting the rope, making the shapes on my body. Watching my breasts swell against the tightening rope, the colour changing and watching the expression on my face. He likes that, watching me frown as I concentrate, how I bite my tongue and check what I have done.

He then told me to dress in a sheer white top and french knickers that he bought for me when I was home, and kneel before him. He got me to focus the camera on my nipples and he talked about what he wanted to do to me, how he was going to take the bars out ,and replace them with rings, and how he was going to get a chain and lead me around the room, and then hang the chain from a hook on the wall that would leave me standing on tiptoes while he uses the cane on my arse.
And I couldn't help it, but my nipples were fighting their way out of the top, he told me to play with them , to rub them and gently pull them and all the time he was watching me.
The toy was next, he had me turn it on and play it just inside my cunt. I tried to ignore it, but it was teasing me, exciting me, making me want to push it in further , to sit down on it.I think he knew
I had to stand up and do a slow strip for him, keeping the toy in my cunt, and once  was naked he allowed me to push it deep inside and i felt the vibrations begin to fill me, to bring me to the edge of cumming, where he kept me, and every time I told him I was about to cum, he had me remove it.
Then I had to play with my nipples again and then return the toy. This went on and on, until I was almost at screaming point, begging to be allowed to cum, pleading with him.

"On the floor slave, in your place".

Oh how it hurt, my swollen breast and nipples pressing hard onto the floor,my cunt throbbing and dripping with longing, but then the pain took my mind off it. It is uncomfortable anyway, but my breasts were so engorged, so swollen , I began to breath heavily, trying to calm myself, trying to focus on the pain, to focus on knowing he he was watching me , listening to me, enjoying looking at what he had ordered me to do.

"Up slave, on your knees"....I was never so glad to get up and smiled at him as I knelt down in front of him.

""Cum for me slave, cum"...and oh I came, all over the place in a blubbering mess of cum and tears and smiles and more tears and pain and happiness.

He was just talking to me as I knelt before him, telling me how pleased he was, how much he had enjoyed himself, and how I looked like I was enjoying myself too, which I was, when I got a call, I had to go, immediately.
Oh holy crap, what a big drop it was. I went into automatic, vapidly removed everything and dressed and asked to leave................ and left.

And that was that.

I sent him a  text later telling him sorry, that everything was ok and he called me and asked if I was ok.
Am I ok? ....I feel a bit disjointed and lost, but ok,, but oh I want to talk to him more,


  1. I can only imagine how difficult it was to drop everything like that and go...



  2. That is such a horrible way to have to end playtime. It can seriously cause a big case of sub drop, and possibly top drop as well.

  3. aisha, yes it was difficult, but its ok, I was fine, a bit shaky but ok and William I think he felt the same too
    Thank You

  4. Oh I hope you got to talk some more. Take care