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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Leave me the fuck alone....should I say it?

Last night he talked about the tattoo again. I do NOT want one, at all.

I know many people like them, but I don't, I don't want one. He told me to stop crying. He had told me he was considering that I may have one, not that I was getting one for definite, but that if I did get one it would be small and tasteful. I nearly replied " I don't care how small or tasteful you think it is, I will still hate it", but I bit my tongue.

He talked and talked at me for what seemed like hours, sometimes I just want to say "Leave me the fuck alone. Tell me one or two things to think about and let me think about them".
I feel overloaded some of the time, he knows that work is tough and it seems like he is adding more and more layers on top.

 He doesn't seem to understand why I am not as excited as he is about me coming home,  he is just excited and looking forward to it, and I am too, but I have all those other feelings too.

I just wish he would give me a bit of space to think, but then he doesn't want me to think, he wants to control what I think about these things.

Instead he plays with me, and keeping me on the edge of cumming he talks more at me, making my head spin.

Wonder if its worth saying it......


  1. For me when I'm on the brink of exploding from feeling overwhelmed, it's pretty much never worth saying it, it's always worse saying it. A lesson I do not care to learn again. But every dynamic is unique, and sometimes even leave-me-the-f-alone can be said in a respectful way. To me that's the key, to stay respectful.

    Good luck

  2. What a difficult time for you ~ for you both.



  3. Hs your in a bit of a emotional turmoil at the moment with your feelings and the impending trip, think you need to get your head straight before you speak to him, if you are feeling overloaded with things from him tell him

    Big hug to you
    blossom x

  4. Good luck in working things out.


  5. Thank you for your comments:

    K...sage advice, I am trying not to shout it.

    aisha...I am not sure it is difficult for him, as he doesn't know.

    blossom... you are right about the emotional turmoil, but he doesn't seem to appreciate that he is making it harder by pulling things like this on me, but then maybe it is my fault for not saying anything.

    FD... thank you for your good luck wishes.


  6. Hi. I don't know what else to add but I hope you've found a way to tell him how you feel and I hope he allows for that too. All the best x