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Monday, 5 September 2011

Back together again

Well you know how it is, for one reason or another you loose contact with a friend, and then the longer you leave it, the harder it gets. And this is how this feels, I feel like I have abandoned my poor old blog and it was so hard to get back into the mindset where I wanted to write again. Also I miss all of you. I feel I have made some really good friends on here; people who understand how I think and feel, people who knwo where I am coming from, people who tell me how it is, and are thoughtful, deep thinking, but also hilariously funny, don't take themselves too seriously...in fact just the type of people I have as friends in "real" life...so...here I am...back....in the mood and ready to write again.

My holiday back home to the Uk was a mixed time, full of happiness, sadness, quiet, peace, wild passion, overwhelming love and laughter, the type that you can only have with those you love.

There is so much to tell you, so much to write about, but the first thing is guess is that I nearly didn't make it at all. The second plane I took home was full...and I mean FULL. It was full of people, luggage and cargo. We more or less ambled down the runway, we didn't seem to be getting any faster at all, in fact at one point I could have kept up on an old horse. I began to worry slightly, and then slightly more and then the odd "holy shit" crossed my mind, then it just sort of came out of my mouth. My lovely daughter looked at me and asked if we were going fast enough. Now she may be young in the greater scheme of things...but the girl has a carbon footprint, she knows.......she know planes, take off speed, how they feel, she knows that runway, that one ni particular. She looked at me and said "Mum, we ARE going to take off aren't we?"

 I love flying, in fact I'm a little obsessed with it and am now trying to work out if i can get my license while I am here. I have friends who fly these big planes and they have told me........................people all over the plane were beginning to worry and then finally the nose lifted......just...and then we had maybe 100 feet from where I was sitting to the end of the runway..........and that was it.....we made it by the skin of our teeth , powered by the will of the people on board to live.....all over the plane people were sighing...it was really not pleasant..

 The next 13 hours were uneventful...well actually I'm sure that's not true...the whole crew and passengers could have partied the night away to disco Stew from the Simpsons...but I had two little blues pills.,....one to put me to sleep and one to keep me asleep......oh thank you chemist the world over.....I woke up twenty two minutes before we landed...just time to go brush my teeth, wash and change my knickers.

Then the whole customs, baggage etc stuff took just forever, and we were frozen, really frozen, shivering in our jeans and jumpers looking like drug dealers from far away.

Finally collecting our baggage we got a bus to the car hire place and went to get the car. We were not being met, we were driving to my other daughters house to stay for a few day, my owner having decided this was the best way to get my full attention when I saw him.

As I filled in the form, I heard a familiar voice, turned around, and there they were...my girls....oh my family together again. Two little arms flung around my neck, my face covered in kisses, laughter, tears, more hugs, English chocolate and more kisses.

Although we were tired and had an hours drive in the middle of the night, it didnt matter, I had my family together again.

We drove home in convoy and I slept in the bed with my little Blondie with the beautiful curls and sometime in the night my big daughter got in, and early in the morning my jet lagged daughter got in too....how could one person have so much happiness and still more to come...I love my kids.What a perfect start to a holiday.


  1. O, welcome back to the blogosphere! I'm so glad to see you here again!

    And what a lovely welcome home. I'm smiling just imagining how happy you felt.


  2. Glad you are safe and sound!


  3. Welcome back, and yes it sounds lovely to have all your people together in one bed.

  4. aisha, thank you for such a lovely welcome, Minset, thanks for the hugs and sin thank you for your welcome too. I missed you all.