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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


When I woke up, I still didnt want to open my eyes, in case it was all a dream....but as I opened them, he was there, looking at me, watching my face, watching me. He smiled at me and the smile reached his eyes and into his heart and soul and filled me with joy.

His hand reached behind my head, and he stroked my hair, and I felt his hand slowly tighten in my hair, twisting it slowly, until I knew it would hurt more to move than to stay still.
 He moved his face closer to mine...never taking his eyes from mine...........................and he kissed me. And in that kiss I tasted his longing, his passion, and the months of separation. I also felt his control and his need .

Pulling me gently away from his face, and with a glint in his eye, he tightened his grip on my hair, and very slowly pushed my head down the bed.

He held my face just a breath away from the end of his swollen penis and told me to lick the tip..........I needed to take him in my mouth to please him, to taste him, to be filled my him..................and yet all he let me do was lick the very tip of him, I could hear my breath getting sharper, little moans of pleasure and frustration escaping . I looked at his face and his eyes were half closed with pleasure......not so much at the licking but at the control.
I wanted to be.I open my mouth to speak, and he tightened his grip, so I stopped.

With the other hand he reached to my nipple and pinched it hard, making me gasp........."lick slave".
and as he played with my nipple,; flicking , pulling, twisting, squeezing, pulling the bar and twisting it............I continued to lick the tip of his cock.


I didn't know what to open , so I opened my eyes more, opened my legs and opened my mouth wide.
He laughed a great chuckle and thrust his cock deep into my throat, and pushing my head down , he trust over and over again, until I was gagging, drooling and gasping for breath, tears rolling down my face , he eased a little , let me get my breath and then................shot a huge load of cum deep into the back of my throat.
Letting go of my hair , and resting my head on his leg, he stroked my cheek with his cock still in my mouth.....

"Welcome home slave"


  1. I think you just made me whimper...


  2. "welcome home" indeed!!


  3. C....thank you, whimpering was among my repertoire
    Faithful...it was a lovely welcome, thank you.

  4. O, that's so wonderful. So perfectly wonderfully submissive and hot.

    Keep going... then what?


  5. Ha Ha aisha, you do make me laugh.