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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The level of control

He took my hand in his and held it tightly, he told me how much he had missed me and how he had dreamed of this moment, when I was once again  truly his.

He told me that he knew my heart was his, and now he had reclaimed my mouth as his, it was time for the next part of me.

He sent me into the bathroom for a shower and told me to make sure that when I returned that I was dry. I spent a long time in the bathroom, running through in my mind what had happened , what I was feeling and wondering what would be next.

I returned to the bed room and there on the bed was a bag, smallish but long .I knelt at the end of the bed and waited for him.

His hand reached to my chin and lifted my face to his...............he smiled and slowly tied a blindfold over my eyes, soft black material completely covering my eyes, blocking out the light. He took my hand once more and laid it on his chest above his heart and then moved it to my chest and did the same.

"Be a good girl and don't fight me, don't complain".

He took my hand behind my back and began to tie a rope around my wrist and then the other, pulling them together, the rope ran up my arms to my elbows and I felt him tie them off.

 Then very slowly and carefully he began to wind a different rope, a rough rope around my chest, under my tits and over the top, pulling tighter and tighter with each go, and I felt the rope tighten around my tits, pushing them , squeezing them, the blood restricted them, swelling quickly...my nipples  tight.

 I stood as still as I could while he worked, he ocassionally adjusted my body's stance; moving me, rearrnaging me very slightly.

He took the first rope and pulled my arms upwards and backwards slightly, and then wound the rope once around my neck, pulling it, pushing the rope between my tightly bound tits. I realised he had tied the rope round the rope there and then he ran it between my legs and tied it back onto the loop around my wrists.

I now stood very still, knowing that if I moved the rope would either tighten around my neck, pull the other rops tighter around my tits or dig deeper into my cunt.

He kissed me and told me to open my mouth and as I did, he placed a thin cord over my tounge and told me to keep it there, and then very carefully and gently he attached each end to one of my nipple bars. He warned me if I let go of the cord we would start all over again.

I stood still as I felt him check the ropes; he checked the rope around my neck, he kept checking it throughout the whole session, to make sure I was ok.

He walked around me, talking about what he could see, what he liked and then without warming he slapped my tits very hard and as he did he said "cord". I had opened my mouth to gasp, but shut it quickly.

I waited for the next slap...and it came...................... along with the pinching, the squeezing, poking, probing, examining.  He pulled on the ropes till they were cutting into me, deep inside my cunt, the rough rope burning.

The slaps on my swollen tits hurting, stinging, filling them with heat and pain.

I stood, taking it, knowing this was what he needed...........it was hard, it hurt, but he needed for me to do as I was told, to take what he was giving me.

I longed for it to stop.
In my head I stopped it and began to imagine him undoing the rope, stopping the pain. I imagined his arms around me once more, but it continued, and with each movement, each response to his actions, one bit of rope or another bit deeper, tightened,...hurt. And every time I moved my head the neck rope would tighten and loosen, and the cord tied to my nipple bars would jerk and pull, sending hot rods of pain deep inside me

And then it did stop.

He leaned close into me.........his lips brushing my ear..............."Stay still, remember the cord" and I heard him leave the room and turn on the bath and I knew it was over soon. I held that cord so tight in my teeth.I did not want it to start again, I really didn't.

He cam back in and I felt his damp fingers on my wrists and slowly he began to undo the ropes, pulling the rough rope gently out of my cunt, gently massaging my wrist and arms, but still leaving the blindfold on.

And he picked me up and carried me to the bathroom, and stood me up , and helped me into the warm  water, the smell of jasmine filling the air, and as he undid the blindfold and  took it away, he was all I could see.

He kissed me once more and said.

"Thank you, slave. Stay there, I will be back."

He returned with a cold glass of champagne and sat on the edge of the bath watching while I lay there relaxing, and then helped me dry myself as I got out.

I went back into the bedroom, where my clothes now lay on the bed, with a beautiful new necklace, made from silver and garnets......and he told me to dress, we had a dinner booking.

I was very unslavely and leapt at him, flung my arms around his neck, wrapped my legs around his waist and covered his face with kisses.

He laughed so loud, gently pushed me away, then flung me on the bed, slapped my arse and told me to be quick.


  1. I can feel the happiness in your writing.
    So beautiful :)

  2. I'm sitting here, grinning like a fool - it started with a "raised-eyebrow-hmmm-where-is-this-going?"

    But now I'm just grinning like a fool.

    (And maybe a little jealous.)

  3. WOW...hot stuff! very well written...abby

  4. O, i'm riding this roller coaster of pain and pleasure with you... lovely.


  5. SBF......thank you, yes it was very beautiful, all of it

    His -C.....don't be jealous, trust me its not all like this some of it is horrid, and hard and sad, but that bit was lovely

    abby...thank you:)

    aisha....roller coaster is right

    Thank you all for your comments