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Saturday, 13 November 2010

and when someone appears from your past

oh dear....oh dear...how difficult life can be sometimes.
Someone just popped up, out of the blue...out of the past.....just to say hello...check that I was ok...that life was good(yes it is), and no matter how hard it is to ignore those..."I wonder what if...." thoughts.

And now I will have to tell him that my past came to say hello, what I felt, and what I thought...and I don't want him to feel that it was a real though...just a passing fancy.

And why does it happen when I cant talk to him?


  1. A hidden slave,

    Not an easy situation just trust yourself.


  2. thanks mouse, I told him, he smiled and told me I was a good girl

  3. yes...................it was, thank you both.