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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Shared past and a stupid song

Yesterday morning, I was so looking forward to talking to him. Our connection was restored, I felt good.
He was happy too and once again in a silly mood. We are roughly the same age and he has all these expectations that we have many shared past experiences, shared social memories of TV programmes, childhood activities, remembered foods etc. But what he often forgets is that we grew up very differently. He is always surprised when  I have no idea what he is talking about, that I really don't know.It's like there are big gaps in my past. I can hear the incredulity in his voice, the emphasis on the "how" the question "But HOW don't you know?"

He was not happy that I had no idea about a particular song; a song that is special to him. He tried to teach it to me................its a very very silly song, with silly lyrics , that are artificially manipulated to fit a tune and try as I might I couldn't remember the words( can you detect a little song snobbery here?).

I laughed, he laughed, I laughed some more as I tried to sing it for him.

Then I muttered under my breath"Stupid fucking song".

This was NOT a good move.

Not exactly the right thing to say when it is the song for his football team......he sent me away with strict instruction to learn the song and sing it the next day for him.

Well, I just did, and it was not right, not word perfect...I missed one word..................so by tonight I have to have it perfect...............or else!

Stupid fucking song.


  1. I still haven't done it...I'm hoping he has forgotten, but I know he hasn't and will spring it on me when I least expect it.......just when the complacency has set in, and the words have stopped going round and round in my head:)

  2. LOL. Of course ... that way it will be far more effective a punishment. We look forward to hearing about it :)