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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bleary eyed peering and stolen moments

Today will soon be over for me and just beginning for my owner. It is strange to be, for the time being, in such different time zones, but it is something that we are managing to circumvent, to manage.

Sometime he wakes me early in the morning and I peer, bleary eyed, into the web cam, hair looking like a wild woman, smiling because I know he is there, that he is the first person I see in the morning, the first voice I hear.. Sometimes I am  awake for just a short time and others I beg to be allowed to stay awake to spend time with him. Sometimes it is allowed, but often denied on the grounds that soon I will have to get up for work and I need to be wide awake for my job, not something  I can do hungover, tired or not focused....and so I am sent back to sleep.

Sometimes, he stays awake late into the night and early into the morning to talk to me,to control me, to allow me to submit to him and his will, to show my submission to him, continuing my training, and each stolen moment is, no matter how hard or demanding, precious.
Tomorrow I am away for 3 days, I may manage to be in contact with him , I may not and so I  will hold close in my heart his words, the memory of his touch, the look in his eye, the smile on his face when I have pleased him and the sound of his voice when he says those words...................."good girl"

And so I apologise now if the next few posting are self pitying whinging and whining and filled with lots of "woe is me" type statements, but I do have such good news...in just two and a half months I will be home.


  1. Being apart stiniks!

    Hugs as you get through it.


  2. Hope you are not alone too long :)

  3. Thank you Mistress160 and mouse...only just back to my blog....being apart is hard , but what "don"t kill you makes you stronger" and I am never really alone:)