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Friday, 19 November 2010

He misses me...........

Reasons to be cheerful :

He misses me...yes he does...he told me.

He is proud of me...he told me that too.....he said he is proud of the way I am coping with being away, proud of what I am doing, proud that I am working hard to be a good slave when it is difficult.

He misses me...did I say that?

I have a long lazy weekend ahead of me, no real work to do and plenty of opportunirty to stay up late into the night , talking to him, being with him.

The sun is shinning.

There is a roast chicken in the fridge and I have manged to get some thick white fresh bread to have a big doorstep sandwich later.

I have a cup of cold diet coke in my hand.

By my shower is a new blade for my venus razor and a small treasured bottle of my favourite shampoo.

There is an email in my inbox from my sister.

He said I make him happy...and he misses me.

He said he will keep me forever.

* slave sitting with a big smile on her face and a heart full of happiness*

These are the simple things that made me smile today....sometimes I forget to think about them.


  1. Your list made me smile too! Nice.


  2. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.x HS