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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Everyday I am thankful.

As a non American, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I wish I did.

I think its a wonderful thing to do, to have a special time of each year set aside to think about and give thanks for what is good in your life; those things, big and small that give you joy and happiness and make you feel blessed.
A time free from commercialism, to spend with those you love, to contact those you cannot be with, a time to count your blessings.

I used to do it on March 21st every year, as finally the days started to lengthen, giving thanks for the passing of the winter and a new year. Had I been a Zoroastrian it would have been perfect, but I'm not.

However, that's when I did it.

But now......I have no beginning of Spring.

I don't do the whole "New Years Eve" thing.

But I am thankful..............everyday..................sometimes I just need to remind myself.


  1. being thankful every day is a far better way to live than us Yanks, savings it up for some Hallmark-/ Peanuts special-inspired holiday anyway... thanks to you for the reminder!


  2. Peanuts comes to Thanksgiving...? yeah!
    Thanks for the comment:)