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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I don't know what is wrong. I really don't.

This morning I woke up, as I always do, and he was there waiting to talk to me. 
We talked about the night before when I had gone out and had come back and we had missed the time that had been set aside, and how he understood, we talked about me being sent to bed. 

We talked about why I couldn't sleep in the night and why once again he had resorted to me getting the rope and having my feet and hands bound.

We talked about my day ahead, and what I had to do. How he wanted me home straight from work, that I was to rest.

I showered, as I do for him every morning, so he can examine me, check that is property is in the sate he likes it; clean shaven. He likes to watch it happen, to make sure its done as he likes it, that my skin is creamed, that I am ready to dress in the clothes he has chosen.

And then.....................I had to cum for him, to stand against the wall and make myself cum (this time on 2 legs!). This is a normal part of my day, happening often. Nothing new.

I was overcome with feelings of sadness.

I sobbed and sobbed...and then I sobbed some more.

He stopped me and called me back to him, and I sobbed.

I couldn't tell him what was wrong....because I don't know
I remember saying sorry through the sobs, for not doing as I had been told. He reassured me it didn't matter, that it was ok. 
He wanted to know what was wrong and I couldn't tell him. He reassured me I would be ok.

Now I am waiting for him to talk to me.

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