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Monday, 1 November 2010


Just typed a long post, deep and meaningful and then deleted it...oh bum.
So instead .......
How come I planted mint and coriander and got flowers of some plant that looked like mint and I tried it and ate a leaf...it was not mint.

How come the tv progrmmes I want to watch are after the time I have to be in bed

How come I can lay awake at night for hours and hours, but the moment he says "time for bed" I start to yawn,,,every damn time and it makes him laugh.

How come my cat eats muesli and sweetcorn, but not the hummingbird she caught..how the hell she did it is beyond me I mean.......it can beat it wings at 50 beats per second, fly in 4 different directions, including backwards  and it cant avoid being caught.

How come everything moves slowly here, the heat sapping out the energy of almost everyone....everyone that is except the ants ....what do they know that I don't.

note to self....do not tell my owner about the 50 beats per second..he might get ideas.

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