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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Oops a cancelled date.

Schedules and timetables, time difference and lives have been getting in our way. Today I was meant to come straight home , via the gym and be ready to talk to him, be ready to spend time with him, and at 9.07 am this morning I was told I had, yes HAD, to go out to dinner tonight with some visiting professor.

I know it was 9.07, coz I looked at my phone hoping he would still be awake. Knowing he would ask me when I knew, why I hadn't told him. I didn't ring in case he was asleep, but sent an email, explaining what was going on, why the short notice etc. My phone seemed to burn a whole in my pocket all day.

Has he woken up?

 Has he seen it?

 What does he think?

 Is he awake?

Has he read it?

Now, I am a very fortunate slave, who has an owner who reassures me on a regular basis that I must do nothing to put myself, my job or anything else in jeopardy to accommodate him.However, he does expect to be fully informed and in plenty of time. So I knew I would not be in trouble, would not be punished, but I also knew he would be "less than happy".

 And as soon as I thought he would be awake, I called...and he was  "less than happy", but does understand, doesn't want me to be rude and rush to leave, but wants his time with me. So tonight is going to be a late one. And his "less than happy"...hmmmmm

He will make a point, just to remind me that whilst I have all these reassurances, first and foremost in my mind, must always be...


 And now he is here.


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