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Monday, 14 November 2011

The five senses ?

This always makes me laugh when people talk about the five senses...what about all the other sense that keep us safe, alive, and able to stay sane in a crazy world....

A sense of time....knowing when its up!
A sense of space.......not getting too close
A sense of direction......knowing where you are going in life
A sense of proprietary................knowing when its OK to be completely inappropriate.
A sense of humour....realising that laughter really is the only thing left
A sense of wonder....wondering how you will get yourself of of your latest predicament
A sense of urgency....knowing when its right to say "If you don't let me cum I will die from waiting"
A sense of scale....do I need to elaborate this one...I don't think s?.
A sense of the ridiculous...lets be honest here;ropes, plugs, clamps, orifices etc...

Then there are the five traditional ones . I thought about these and tried to think of my favourite examples. This is a little more chocolate boxy I'm, sorry to say...old sap that I am:)

A sense of taste......English strawberries warm from the sunshine covered in sugar and left for half an hour...bliss in a bowl

A sense of touch...my granddaughters hands on my cheeks as she turns my face to her, to tell me to look at her so she can "feel how much you love me".

A sense of hearing...the sound, from a distance, of children playing with water on a sunny day;sheer happiness and abandonment to pleasure.

A sense of sight.......the faces of people seeing loved one, missed ones walking through the gate at arrivals in an airport.

A sense of smell...rain on hot concrete .

 And the last one....nonsense....self explanatory


  1. What a beautiful post... you are so sensual, I love that.

    And I like your new blog look too!


  2. lol thanks aisha ....the picture is from a small island where I was snorkeling