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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How do I love you?

I love the way you are there for me, always waiting when I need you most.

I love the way I can rely on you  to be steadfast and true.

No matter how you look, even all rumpled and creased after a hard night, I still love you
I love the smoothness of your touch, the coolness of your caress.

I love how I feel when I am wrapped in your embrace.

I hate to leave you in the moments before sunrise, I cling to you.

I think about you and look forward to being with you again.

Oh my lovely big bed and fluffy duvet how I love you so.

This is the result of two 16 hour days with 4 hours sleep...night night world...oh wrap me in your lurve duvet


  1. You had me there. Sleep tight:)


  2. This post made me smile. It's very cute!

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! I love reading your blog and seeing a glimpse into your world. I hope to continue reading your blog for years to come!! <3



  3. Mmmm and if freshly laundered even better!

  4. I'm so ready for my bed too. Nothing like it.

  5. So beautiful and it never disappoints or let's you down.
    I also nominated you for a VBA, check out my blog.

  6. i just love this hs, brought a big smile to my face, i love my duvet too!!!

    blossom xx

  7. This is lovely, even if it's the result of sleep deprivation :)