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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Apparently pulling faces is not an appropriate response to an instruction to get down and dirty

This week I have, apparently, been guilty of "pulling faces".
I think it has been one of those cases whereby you would say to your teenaged children".....and you can stop rolling your eyes at me" or "Don't take that attitude with me young lady".

I fear that I am ...guilty as charged.

I have had a hard week at work, a couple of days have been very long and particularly difficult, the weather has been extra hot and very humid, the a/c failed and its just been hard. I'm tired, but not sleeping well, again my night filled with violent and disturbing dreams and I have been...well I have been...just ...tired.

He has been good, allowing me to go to bed early on the days when I can, even though I know he wants some attention, wants to talk with me, use me, get his "control itch" scratched. However, when I have woken early and he has realized that he has time to have a little fun, he has jumped on it. So barely have my eyes flickered open when the vibrator is in me and I am expected to writhe around in pleasure. Now I'm not saying I don't enjoy it, but jeeez...let me wake up a little.
He told me, on the afternoon I was coming home earlier, that it would be good to talk with me, to have some time alone, to talk to each other.............now his idea of talking seems to have changed.
My understanding was that I would sit with a coffee and have thoughts enter my head and I would convey them to him, and I would respond to his words with more of my own. That we would be having verbal discourse.
His idea of talking was to attach every single peg that I have in my possession to the most sensitive and painful parts of my body, to have me insert the vibrator and turn it on full, and then wrap the rope round and round my legs until they were secured. And then to have me jump up and down and see how many of the pegs fell off and how long it would take.

For the record. 26 of them fell off and 42 of them stayed on.

 The level of conversation from my part was a few grunts, some yelping, ouching, moaning and under the breath muttering and swearing .

His conversation involved, a few instruction, including one not to pull another face.

This is not talking.

So next time he says "do you miss talking to me?" my answer is most definitely going to be "No Sir".
He says now that every time I pull a face I am to record it in the book and for each face I will be punished with 10 thwacks of the cane........
I think pulling a face in response to an instruction to be turned on instantly at 5 am, or be excited about having a cold shower because all the hot water has been used up because you had to use the shower head flow to cum at silly o'clock, or anything when you are not in the mood...is perfectly reasonable....but apparently not.

 I know I moan about the hood, but for now it may just be my only refuge!


  1. Mental note..."lose" extra pegs.

  2. O, my. And it sounds so harmless ~ "pulling faces."

    Good grief.

    I hope the nightmares get better.



  3. Mindset......good advice...lol

  4. aisha...yes i thought so too.......not anymore!