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Monday, 2 May 2011


There is rain, and then there is rain.

Today it has rained almost non stop, from 5.30 am till 6.30pm.
It has poured from the sky like someone has ripped open the cloud with a knife. Endless rain, dark grey and black skies briefly glimpsed through rain that bounces a foot into the air. rain drops the size of a fifty piece piece,clouds hanging low over the jungle trees, birds sitting miserably on branches and small mackat monkeys huddled together in the undergrowth....and still it is hot, still it is 25C and the forecast is for more. There will be flash floods and flooded rivers, snakes will come out of the jungle, followed by all sorts of icky wildlife, roaches, rats and spiders.

And then the sun will come out and everything will steam for a day, the puddles will go, some flowers will bloom and everyhting will look the same all over again.

Life in the rain forest.


  1. Rain wouldn't be nearly as hard to cope with it, if it were like you described ;-)

    We get the kind of rain that never ends...like a broken faucet...Not really hard but not soft either....Just endless and mouse has had enough...it's time to bring on the sun! Or at the very least more sunny days than rainy ones...


  2. Rain, rain, rain here too! UGH, I agree with mouse, ENOUGH! abby

  3. Rain Rain go away come again another day. :)

  4. You're in the rain forest?????

    I guess I need to quit whining about the rain here... although I agree with Mouse, it would be more interesting if it were like you describ. It's been raining non-stop, I think, since yesterday afternoon. And not supposed to stop til tomorrow. And no monkeys in sight.

    I'm trying to hold onto the magic in it...



  5. mouse.....just too much rain...is not good for the soul, but just think how good you will feel when it stops:)

  6. abby...................yes , it sounds like you have all had more than enough.

  7. submissivebf....you sure you want it to come back another day?

  8. aisha...yes i am in a rain forest, although I say in, im not int a tent pitched on the ground!
    it is all around me, and we have monkeys all over the space, snakes, big scary spiders etc etc. The rain is warm though usually...which is nice...although I would love to see some snow.
    You could play "raindrop races" to while away an hour...amke a few dollars betting on it...we could set up a sub webcam linked betting syndicate!