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Monday, 23 May 2011

Taking the rope between my teeth

Last night he decided that I had been lax, sloppy and careless. But he also said that he had taken his"eye off the ball and let things slide", and that he is the owner, the Master and that therefore the responsibility lay with him. That I was not at fault as such, more that I was responding to his loosening of the controls. However, in saying that he felt I too could have spoken up and taken responsibility and told him that I felt things were not"As they should be".

He is right, I could have, maybe even should have, but I was enjoying myself, even if  Iwas beginning to feel a little discombobulated.

Last night he decided to begin to rectify the situation.

I had to lay on the floor and wait for him, with the instruction to think about how I could have behaved more responsibly, more appropriately.

So I waited, and waited and waited....and waited.

Finally he returned and had me kneel in front of him, put the hood on and then a hard ouchy peg on each nipple and sit and listen to him talking about the areas he felt I was no longer behaving as I should. He spoke of what I could have done and what he should have done.

He talked about how my focus had come off him and was more on what I wanted and needed. He acknowledged that my work was particularly demanding at present, but that I was not at work all the time, and that at those other times, He should be my focus, nobody else, him.

He talked about control and how I seem to think sometimes that I have a say in when or how he uses me. For the record I don't , but if the man asks you, "Do you want to play?" and you have just worked 17 hours straight...."No thank you Sir" seems a reasonable response. Apparently, its not!

To remind me ..............he let me remove the pegs from my very sore nipples and thread a thin rope through a hole in each one.

I had to stick the large plug to the floor and sit on it, I was allowed to put it in my cunt to lubricate it, and then I had to lower myself onto it, feeling it forcing it way deep inside me.

The large vibrator was placed on the floor withing my reach.

He told me to take the rope between my  teeth and sit up straight, with my hands on my head.
The pain rushed through me as I felt the pegs pulling on my already swollen nipples, the plug filling me and the solitude of the hood engulfed me.

He left me for about ten minutes and then I heard him whisper

"Slave you can let go of the rope at nay time, you can lower your hands at any time.......but when you do, you must get the vibrator and make yourself cum".

It sounded quite tempting to let go of the rope, I let it fall from my teeth, and the pain in my nipples reduced immediately..............."Get the vibrator and cum for me slave".

My cunt was wet, and as I began to rub the vibe over my clit and cunt lips I felt my orgasm rising fast. I asked to cum and waited for his response.

"Now slave, cum for me now" and I did.
As I wriggled and writhed on the floor the plug pushed against the inside of my cunt , filling me more.

"Rope slave, back in your mouth".

This time it really hurt.

"Hands back on your head"
I sat like that for about fifteen minutes, my breath getting faster, my nipples burning, drooling slightly, my arms beginning to shake.

"Remember any time slave, any time you want."
I lowered my arms.

"Cum slave, but you didn't let go of the rope............. so it stays there"
This time the pain outweighed the pleasure, it hurt. I cried.
"Take off the hood slave , I want to see your face"

Again my arms went on my head. My nipples were so sore from the pulling on the rope as I came. I tried to adjust it and it fell from my mouth. I gasped.
"You know what to do slave".

This time I had to keep my hands on my head and push the vibe into my cunt, and lean forward onto the floor more to keep it in. My tits swinging as I came for him. Crying , begging to be allowed to cum, but not wanting to.

"Rope back slave,and sit up straight, this is what I mean about sloppy".

And that was all I really remember, there are bits; flashes of memory,words, feelings, pain. I remember cumming at least twice more and begging him to take the pegs off. I don't even remember the pain when they came off.

He made me wait for the hour, and I remember getting a pillow and and blanket ,and hearing his voice filling my head, soft words, soothing words, loving words.

I woke a couple of hours later and he was waiting for me, he told me to shower, to clean myself up, to wrap myself in a big soft towel and lie down on the bed.
He told me he loved me and I was his, for now and for ever. He called me his "Good girl" and I slept.


  1. O, my. So intense.



  2. Very intense and sounds like it was just what you needed.......


  3. It sounds like you both got what you really needed. I'm happy to hear that things are back where they should be.


  4. wow hs another intense scene for you both, how lovely he is taking back the control.

    blossom xx

  5. aisha, mouse, William and blossom...thank you all for your comments, and yes it was intense. He seems to know just to how to rack it up when its needed.