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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rip her head off and poke her eyes out with a stick

I told him this morning that I would "rip her head off and poke her eyes out with the stick"....in case you haven't read yesterdays post, its about him bringing a blonde into our relationship.

Please let me make this quite, in fact, very clear, its not he fact that he was suggesting a blonde....I have been blonde twice in my life time...once naturally as as child and once care of Clarioll not too long ago....more the fact that he wanted to bring someone else to join in. I was especially miffed (murderous rather than miffed, but I realise that this post is beginning to sounds like I am in need of locking up, so "miffed " sounds quite benign)  at the thought of him wanting this when I come home at sometime in the future.
I had visions of cosy times in, time spent together doing nice things together, maybe in front of the fire...all romantic and stuff...and he wants to throw a buxom (did I mention that ?) blonde into the equation.

Anyway, back to the point....I told him exactly how I felt...............and his response was a little unexpected.

I half expected him to retort with ....."We will see" or even "Remember, although I may ask your opinion , and will listen to you, I do not have to take it into consideration", I even half expected to hear him laugh.....but what did I get?

"How do you feel about red heads?"

May I say here and now....it is very fortuitous that there are 14,000 km between us....I hope he appreciates every centimetre is keeping him safe.

I did laugh though.....

I got a text later in the day saying...."Your face was a picture of self control, restraint and annoyance....You are all I need slave".


I think he is feeling every centimetre apart, I know today I am.


  1. Damn mind fuck gets me every time too!

  2. "You are all I need slave" that is beautiful.

  3. Didn't sound to me like you needed to be locked up. I think ripping her head off and poking out her eyes is a logical reaction, Lol.

  4. hahahaha sorry hs had to laugh when He mentioned 'a redhead', i would react exactly as you have.

    Oh arent they so twisted at times!!!!

    blossom xxx

  5. Sounds like he has the same twisted mind as my Mr Evil lol

  6. You made mouse giggle just a little bit...

    Glad you hashed it out tho...


  7. You have helped me answer a HUGE question in my own life these last few days with your post. I linked to you this evening. Thank you for your help.


  8. "You are all I need," is perfect.

    And I didn't think you sounded crazy, btw. Anyone could feel like ripping her head off. Poking her eyes out with a stick might not even be necessary after that.




  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments...I feel very happy and its always good to hear from you.

    Minset....I think he holds the world record, gold medal and everything else it "Mindfuck"

    K....it filled me with happiness.

    Littlemonkey.....i think you are right, always good to follow the logical path.

    submissive bf....haha, which bit?

    blossom, i think I might just go out tomorrow and buy a red wig and mindfuck him too!

    SnowCaptive....its page 16-23 in the Owners Handbook.

    Mouse...just a little?
    Yes we did hash it out....good advice from you as always:)

    AA....i hope it helped, email me if you want to chat xx

    Aisha....haha, i didnt realise about the eyes, next time I think I'll do that first!