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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Second Payment

I wondered what the next installment would be. I was tired, half asleep, grumpy and did I say tired?

"What was the best bit of your day slave?"

I thought for a moment, hmmmmmmmmm...it was lunch with a friend........such delicious food and good company.
"Lunch Sir"
He had me describe the restaurant, which is a nondescript little place with wooden benches and a wonky picture on the wall, a slightly, well quite a bit grimy decor and no aircon.
He asked me what we had eaten..and as I remembered I was smiling about when my friend unexpectedly bit a hot chilli, and he interrupted me.............
"OK slave, that's enough, that's what I was waiting for...a smile"
'Go to sleep my good girl, sleep well.I love you"
and this time I curled up in my bed and was asleep in minutes.


  1. A simple smile conveys so much!

  2. That was great. What a kind Sir.

  3. You have so much devotion to him. You really earned your "me time". :)

  4. So sweet.


  5. Mindset......yes it does, and he knows when it s fake too!

    abby...........it was, he is ....nice

    William.......he is very kind and thoughtful , i am lucky. That doesn't mean he isn't a mean bastard at time.

    MissCherrie78......it was an unexpected gift, which made it even more special.


    Thank you all for your comments.