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Sunday, 8 May 2011

A frustrated heap of squirminess

He has been so busy this last week that we have hardly had time for anything. last night he woke me at midnight for a chat.

Now last night I was feeling quite horny when I went to sleep..............but this time "chat" meant talk, discuss etc. and so I was left in a frustrated little heap of squirminess to go to sleep.

So no wonder I dreamt of being naked, in a room with him and two of his friends and I was kneeling at his feet, serving him and his friends.

I woke up with rock hard nipples and a million questions from him as to what I had been dreaming about.

Is nothing private?

On another entirely different theme......

Its his birthday next weekend.............any suggestions, what I can do for him while I am "far away"...all ideas considered.


  1. Nice dream.

    As for his birthday - I have a hard enough time figuring out what to do for someone close by. Sorry - really - I wish I could help...

    send him hugs?


  2. I have dreams like that and I hate it because it just makes it worse. lol

    As far as the B-day goes, have you thought about an Amazon gift cert. They will email the code to the person. Plus Amazon has all kinds of BDSM stuff, or he can get a book or whatever. lol It can be kind of impersonal but if you tell him that you want him to choose something to use on you and then he surprises you with what he got the next time you get together it could be fun. :)

    Good luck.

  3. aisha......yes it was a nice dream...and I'm thinking hard about eh birthday gift...I think he may have to wait till i get to come home:)

  4. MissCherrie78... amazon could be fun...maybe I could get it sent to him and ask him not to open until I get home...haha...it would drive him crazy.