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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

How to amuse yourself with your slave

This morning he had a little play...nothing serious he said....I think there was nothing on the television and so I was his amusement for a few hours.......I guess that's what happens when you are someones toy to play with as they see fit.

Instructions on how to pass a few hours:

First take slave and put pegs on cunt and mouth lips.
Give slave a gentle tongue lashing in the knowledge she cant say anything back.
Make slave do exercises so you can watch her tits wobble and fly around trying to defy gravity.
Insert toy into slave and repeat above, not allowing toy to escape.
Make slave beg to cum with lips pegged.
Make cup of tea and leave slave face down on floor ...squirming.
Make slave beg to cum.
Deny slave permission.
Make slave kneel up and tell her to cross legs and watch her fall over.
Watch slave squirm with frustration.
Refuse permission
Watch slave shamefacedly try to apologise with lips pegged together for cumming without permission.
Leave slave on floor, face down with toy still in.
Tell slave to stand up, close eyes, turn three times one way and three times other way, and then make slave cum.
Tell slave she can take pegs off, then say only two, watch slaves face fall as she decides which two.
Tell slave she is to explain how she feels whilst lips  are still pegged together.

Make another cup of tea, leaving slave face down AGAIN.

Return to slave, tell her she may speak and watch her struggle to decide if that means taking off pegs.
Warn slave if she takes off pegs and she says anything rude, she WILL wear them all day.

Smile at slave and say "Good girl".

Tell her a good programme is on the television now and she is to be quiet until you are ready.
Return one hour later, if slave is huffing and puffing with frustration ...well done.

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