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Thursday, 2 December 2010

No sleeping on the bed

He feels that my impending weekend away necessitates some reminder for me about control, a reminder of what I am.

Last night I was sent to be early with some ice cubes. Before he has melted them in my cunt, but this time he used them to chill my nipples bars.......................what kind of wicked mind thinks that? Does he not know how painful it is? Doesn't he..........?

Oh yes he does.

I waited for some more things from the list to be used, waited on my knees with my rope around my neck; once again tight enough to feel, but no more.

And pegs were on my ears to remind me to listen.

He reminded me that I have no rights, nothing is guaranteed. the only thing that is for sure in my life is that I am his slave.

Anything I am given can be taken away............anything.

My cup was taken away......................and now I am only allowed to lap from the plastic plate he has given me., with a reminder that that too can be taken.

I was placed once again, face down on the  hard wooden floor, with the pegs on my half frozen nipples, arms behind my back, legs crossed and that hated hood on.

And he left me.

And he left me; I could hear nothing but the fan slowly moving the hot air around the room.

And I waited, and waited. Slowly my nipples thawed out and the pain set in. feeling the wooden floor pressing against my squashed nipples.

And I could feel my cunt clenching, becoming wetter despite myself.

Finally I heard him return and waited for him to speak. Time passed slowly...very slowly.
and then he talked again about what I am allowed, what I have a right to.

 When he allowed me to remove the hood,I realised I had been lying on the floor for over  an hour. I was so close to falling into that blissful floaty place, where I seem incapable of doing anything, yet will do anything he says. where I remember almost nothing, but images gradually float back into my mind, snatched phrases, feeling, sounds.

He did not want me to go there and so, a few choice words and I was back.

He had me  complete my night time rituals, remove the pegs, get ready for bed...............and just as I was about to climb onto the bed....................STOP, NO BED.

And so last night I slept on the hard wood floor, my arms and feet bound as usual, a thin cover, one small pillow..........................and ......

I was grateful for all of, I slept like a baby, curled up, restricted by the rope, or opened out with my hands over my head and my legs like a frog...........feeling open, exposed, submissive,  oh so submissive and very happy.

And tonight he has more plans.

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