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Thursday, 16 December 2010

I love my rope

I spoke to him last night, but it was just a quick go to bed early, have a long sleep and talk in the morning.....oh and don't forget the rope.

I have missed my rope, silly though it is, one short length of rope, just a plain one; not too soft and not too rough, just a  rope.

At one end of the rope is a noose.

Each night I have to hang my rope so the end of the noose is just level with my nipples and then loop it once around my neck, not a whole 360, but 180.
As I drop it down behind me, I feel it fall against my bare ass, and land in a tangle on the upturned soles of my feet.

I carefully untangle it and slide it under my ankles, without letting the other end move, then around again. Holding it in place I sit on the floor and begin to wrap it around my ankles in a figure of eight, securing it, so there is a gap between my feet, but no more than will allow me to hobble.

I must then make sure that I am ready for bed, that everything is done, that the light is down low, that the computer is on and that the web cam is positioned correctly and on. When I am sure everything is done as per his instructions, I must put my hands in the noose and tighten it until my hands are firmly together, in front of me, positioned just between my breasts

Sometimes I am allowed to watch a DVD, but mostly I have to sleep. He thinks I don't sleep enough, he thinks I wake up too much, too early.

I have nightmares, I always have, ever since I can remember. I still remember some of them from my childhood...scary scary nightmares...some of them make sense, most  of them don't.

If he is there when I am sent to sleep I fall asleep in minutes, if he is not, it takes longer.

I don't fight my rope any more, I love my rope. I sleep mostly peacefully.

When I am away and can't have it, I feel naked.........I need to to feel my owner tug the rope, to feel his hands wrap it round my ankles, to watch his fingers slide the noose tighter around my wrists ....oh please................ be soon.

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