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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Impending doom, throw away phrases and his list.

You know that feeling of impending doom that settles on us from time to time, the sinking feeling, the one where you feel you are waiting for something to happen. It might not happen to you, it might not even happen to someone you know, but something will happen...and when it does...you think..."aaaaaaah yes, that why I had the impending doom feeling.

 Well I have the first part of that...its hanging over me...impending doom.

But instead of it being an unknown, I know who its going to happen to ...its going to happen to me.

 My owner has been muttering, just throw away phrases, that on their own mean little or nothing , but when you add them together........that cloud descends.

It has taken me some time to learn not to think about things that will happen, to not try and second guess him, to wait to be told, to not think.....just do.....and I know he can see me squirming inside ...but I'm not wondering...honest!

Plates, ropes, ice cubes, chopsticks, more ropes,  a pillow case, pegs (obviously), a foot scrubber thing, a pen, a long thin bamboo cane, a hammer, ... tell me you would not wonder.

And the list continues.................

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