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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

You know when you know you are in trouble and your heart just sinks, and you know you have to 'fess up

Well, I knew I was in trouble, I am in trouble.

I have a work commitment tonight, after my usual time, after the time I told him i would be home today.
I did know about it a few weeks ago, but I forgot to mention it, and I knew about it at the end of last week, and I forgot to mention it.

And I know he is very good about my work, very understanding, and doesn't make me pay for the lack of time sometimes when it would be more convenient for him.

And I have done this before....maybe even twice....

Deep trouble is what I am in.

I think if I had a dog house that's where I would be.

He is not happy.
And he is silent.

And so now I have something else to think about too.

And I will have to explain myself , why I didn't tell him, why I failed to remember...do you think using my age is a good enough excuse? Maybe that I am busy?
Maybe I will try......maybe not!
I will be punished, of that there is no doubt.

Three strikes and I'm out.

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