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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Those dreaded words.............

I don't seem at the moment to be able to get anything right.

Everything I do seems to be not quite right, not up the the mark..he said the words I dread the most............

"You have let me down, I am disappointed in you, in how you are behaving"

Tears....lots of tears

Then he said "It is partly my fault too, as I have been so busy". and although that maybe true, and I MUST believe it because  he has said that is how it is..........I felt no better.

I want the duvet over my head, I want to hide from him and not see the disappointment in his eyes, hear it in his voice, see it printed on the page.

I need him to punish me. I need to be punished .
I need to try harder and be better, to listen more carefully and pay attention. To behave as I have been taught.

I need him to punish me, so I can focus on what is needed, and know he has forgiven me, so i can bring myself to look at him again, and not see the disappointment that I have caused.
I need to be able to kneel at his feet after my punishment, and be allowed to put my head on his lap and head his hand stroke my hair.

I need him.


  1. Got really nothing to say...just offering hugs because mouse has certainly been there and done that.


  2. thanks for the hugs mouse, just what I needed.:)
    still waiting!hmmmmm