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Friday, 17 December 2010

I must send him a good book

I think a lunch hour is a dangerous thing..............

I was happily chatting away about what a lovely day I had had, doing the things he said I could, telling him how much I had enjoyed it,when he said

"Cane and hood"

I almost leaped out of my skin.

"You will put on the hood, and use one hand to cum and the other hand to hold the cane and use it on your tits"

Oh I pulled a face, not a  big one, just a small,"ouch that's going to be difficult one".

"I saw that, if I see a face like that again, I will do a lot more".
 And so as I pulled the hood over my head, I began to hate his plan, his spare time, doesn't  he have work to do?

It is difficult to cane your own tits at the best of times, but whilst having to cum too. I've never been able to play the piano, two hands doing different things at the same time.

I was allowed to stop and remove the hood when I had cum.

Well normally...........................he has got me so well trained that I can cum quickly, not to order, but quickly. But today...........not easy, it was frustrating, and I could hear him chuckling, enjoying himself.

And finally, on my knees, with the hood over my head, the cane striking my tits again and again, catching my nipple bars, making me wince and squirm, my fingers desperately working on my cunt to bring my self to that leg shaking point of pleasure...I came.

I knelt there, catching my breath, removed the hood.

"Get ready for bed".

I crawled into bed,

I must buy him a good book; one with a gripping storyline, for those spare moments, when he needs distracting, relaxing , to take his mind off things,so he doesn't think..".hmmmmmmmmm, I'll just get the cane and..........".

Any suggestions?

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