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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

7x14 =98 ...a timely punishment

The next morning I had to go to more training, this time not so far away, but I was up early, but not before having my head pushed under the covers and being allowed to suck my owners cock before my breakfast. It really was a quicky before I shot out of the door.

I had to text him, on each hour until I got back, and if if was more than five minutes past the hour for any reason other than the outbreak of war or and earthquake there "Would be consequences".

 I made 7am, 8.03, 9.01, 10.10,11.06, 12.00, and 13.14.

 He was not impressed and I was worried.

As I drove back to him, I began to contemplate what the "consequences" may be, but, in the end I gave up, as there really is never any point.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to tell me to come in. I crept in sheepishly and knelt at his feet, near to where he was working, talking on the phone. He indicated that I should stand, and remove my clothes, all whilst  he continued talking about work. He pointed to the corner of the room and continued his conversation. when he had finished I waited expectantly for him to call me, but he didn't.

"Well slave, I've checked and war has not been declared...so any good reason why some of the times you were so late?"
There was no reasons and so I mumbled into the corner of the room "No Sir".

He had me crawl over to him again and kneel at his feet.

I have been thinking of how to punish your bad manners slave, how's your maths?

Well he knows how my maths is , its good, very good and so I didn't say anything................

"Choose a number between five  and ten slave...."

It's always a difficult one ....until you know the parameters of what they are planning, and then there is the whole choosing thing again, so I hesitated......he started to count from 5 backwards and I know when he gets to zero I have to have chosen..........

"Seven Sir, please, I choose seven..."
"Oh good choice slave...hows your seven times table....?"
"Not bad Sir.............".
He told me what times he had received the messages and told me to multiply the late minutes by seven...........................................

"14  times 7 Sir is 98 Sir"
"Very good slave,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so 98 it is then."

98 what? oh how I wanted to ask him, 98 what...?all of a sudden it sounded like such a big number.

The bag was on the floor near his feet and he reached inside it.

He got out the hood, this is not a leather one or a rubber one, it is like a big dark magicians bag with a draw string..............and I hate it.

He pulled out the butt plug and laid it on the bed.
He pulled out the crop and laid it on the bed
He pulled out the belt and laid it on the bed
And he pulled out a clothes hanger, the type with the clips on for trousers or skirts and he laid that on the bed.

He pulled me up by my hair and put the hood on me pulling the drawstring tight, but not so tight I couldn't breath, and then he bend me forwards and with a little lube and big push he rammed the plug into my arse. and then he knelt me down again and said "98 minutes slave, 98".

And so for the next 98 minutes I knelt there while he watched television, made a cup of tea, called a friend and chatted about nothing significant , and "No I'm not doing anything at the moment, nothing important, of course I can talk...................yes she's here with me...no....she being punished.............." I wanted to curl up and die with shame, embarrassment and humiliation.

And after the 98 minutes when he let me out, I was like I am always, desperate to see him, to be able to touch him, to not feel isolated and alone...............but he wouldn't let me touch him. He got the cane and pointed at the hanger....................

"Pass it to me slave please."

So I picked it up and carefully passed it to him, on my hands with the hook bit facing him. he picked it up carefully and dangled it from his fingers.
He turned and went to the wardrobe, I could hear him inside and when he turned round he had something in his hands, and I realised it was the knickers I had worn under my jeans the day we went along the river. He pointed with the cane, indicating I should stand in front of him, and he put the knickers on the bed next to me. The hanger,  in both hands, he moved the clips until they were lined up with my nipples. the first one he put on, closing it slowly over my nipple, the edge of the clip past my bars...........oh it hurt, that mind numbing hurt of initial pain, and then............he snapped the other one on, not gentle easing it closed............snap like a crocodile, with jaws of death.......................I cried out and as I did, he showed the knickers into my  mouth. I sobbed and cried as the pain flooded from m nipple, I moaned and he stood and watched me; he just stood and watched me.

When I had calmed down a little and got my breath back, he pulled the hook of the hanger towards him and upwards. I reacted by trying to get higher, onto my toes, he pulled higher and I yelped. He put his fingers in my mouth and then followed them with the hook.
 He told me to stand up straight and look at him.

He lectured me; about being late, about manners, about how or why I could possibly imagine that my time would ever be more important than his time, he asked if I had any reasonable excuse, to which I shock my head.

"I am upset that you think so little of me that you cannot find the time to send a text, that is why I am punishing you, for your bad manners and thoughtlessness".

And with that ...........he bent me over and placed my hands on the bed.....................

"You will not move and you will count and if you let the hanger fall from your mouth we will start again."

And he picked up the belt and began to use it on my arse, on my legs and on my back....49 times it hit me and I counted each one and then he put it down and picked up the cane......................and I counted, some times it took me a long time to be able to say the number, some times I was frightened that the hook would fall from my mouth, sometimes I had to think hard which number I was on............but finally I said 98 ....................and it was over.
Not all of them had been hard, not all of them had stung or hurt, but each one I had felt and each one I had counted.

He removed the butt plug and then his hands were on my hips.

"Let go of the hanger slave, ...........................its over."
So I let go and knew that it was coming off and I was afraid, afraid of the pain,...................................He unclipped them at the same time and the rush of pain overwhelmed me,  I felt my knees buckle, and he put his hands under my armpits and held me steady. his hands reached across to my nipples and he squeezed them tightly, very tightly, numbing them again, and then slowly , very slowly reducing the pressure on them.
He laid me on the bed, on my stomach,  and examined the view...............

"How may times did I punish you slave?"
"98 Sir"
"How many minutes were you late slave?"
"14 Sir."
"Yes slave 14 minutes late................you will not forget that will you slave?"
"No Sir I wont forget."

And then I began to shake, and he wrapped the duvet around me, and pulled me close to him. He stroked my hair and wiped away my tears as I begged his forgiveness. he assured me it was all over now, I had been punished and it was finished, he expected me to remember what I had learned, but it as over.
He made me a drink and fed me some biscuits, he sat and watched me, talking to me, I don;t know what about, just soothing word. he made me eat some more and gave me a drink of water.
He laid me down on the bed and told me he would be watching me sleep, and he go my rope and put it around me my neck.
He got his work and laid next to me on the bed. I unraveled the duvet and crawled closer to him, trying to get as much of me touching him as possible, feeling the roughness of his jumper on my  very sore , but not caring, needing to be close to be touching. he reached a hand towards by sore arse and pulled me close and told me to sleep.

'Tonight slave, when you are rested we will have some fun, now sleep"

And I did, I slept for hours, but always aware that he was next to me and I was next to him....naked and sore, but I was next to him.


  1. Forgive me, but are my maths incorrect? I could swear I count 15 minutes, not 14, if your times posted above are correct....

  2. I won't comment on any math corrections because I suck at math. I will however say I think you have a wonderful relationship. Stay happy!

  3. rhonda.........lol it should have been 11,05,,,,,,,good at maths,,,,suck at proof reading