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Saturday, 19 February 2011

"Control slave, that's what it's all about"

After sleeping soundly next to him all night, I woke feeling happy and warm, even though I could see the cold light outside the window.
The morning was free for me and so he decided to make the most of it, to make the most of me and or time together.
I was allowed up to make him a cup of tea and to pee and then I had to return to the bed with the ropes, the vibrator and the clothes pegs, all of them, and  a pair of knickers.

I collected all the things as directed and stood at the end of the bed, waiting for permission to get back in, but he lay there, cup of tea in one hand, the end of my night time rope in the other and hummed a little tune to himself.

He drank his tea, indicted I should make him some more and that I was allowed one now he had been served, and so I stood and drank my tea while he watched the news.

"Control slave, that's what this is all about, about how I control you, your life, your body, your mind, your life itself"

And he is right, he does...its not micro management, it never has been and it can't be now, now I am away...but that's what it is,, its control.

He stood up and pointed to the floor. I knelt, as usual, at his feet and he bent down, and pulled the noose so it was tight, but not so tight it hurt and then pushed my head to the floor. He put his foot on the rope close to my face and I was pinned down, unable to move, just as simple as that, within seconds.........."Body, my slave, body"

He then got another rope and tied my ankles together, looping it round both feet, and securing it, he laid it over my back and left it there. I waited for more, but for a while nothing happened and then he lifted his foot and told me to sit up. I knelt up, and he removed my night rope and wrapped the new rope around my neck, so it fell between my tits and collected in a coil on the floor in front of me."Stand up slowly slave or you will choke yourself"

 I stood slowly, and could feel the rope sliding around my neck, he told me to bend my knees a little and then he pulled the rope tight around my neck and warned me not to move. He sat on the bed in front of me and positioned the rope in my cunt right on my clit and pulled it roughly upwards and back round my neck again and then tied it off by my ankles
So I am standing there; knees bent, the rope tight around my neck, it pulling onto my clit and he mouths to me "Control".
His hands reach for the pegs and he begins to attach them, first to my ear, one on each lobe, one on each nipple, which he spring shut on and it makes me yelp, so the next to go on my lips to keep then closed to keep me quiet. He then put two on each cunt lip and five more on each tits. and he get out his camera, and he takes photos of my nipples squashed flat between the pegs,  he takes a picture of my cunt with the rope forced deep into it, the pegs pulling my lips down, he takes a photo of my lips closed shut by the pegs.
I stand there and he says  "Pain or pleasure slave what would you like?"

It was just as well I had the pegs on my lips, or I would have been in trouble, did he not know how painful those horrid pegs he insists on using are? Did he not realise ?

Silly question of course he did, he laughed at me and said, Tthink before you speak slave, pleasure always has a price"

He removed the pegs from my lips, kissed me and watched as I turned over in my mind the options he had given me. He knows how hard I find it when he gives me a choice..."Control slave...... of your mind."

And so I asked for pleasure, I don't like pain, I like that he likes pain, I like the fact I have no choice when he hurts me , I like that I have to submit to his wishes , that I am not allowed to say no, but generally I don't like the pain per se.

So standing there slightly bent, in pain, waiting for my pleasure I knew who had all the control. My hands were untied, but there was no way I would ever move them until he told me to...and then he did.
"Make yourself come for me slave, play with your cunt, "

This was easier said than done, the pain from the pegs, the rope digging deeper into my clit every time I moved, the pegs on my nipples biting deep, just as I felt I was beginning to get somewhere, that I was going to cum he stopped me.

He took off all the pegs and told me to start again. the pain as the blood flowed back into my squished flesh sent me over the edge and I started to cum, but as I came, I moved and the rope tightened around my neck, tightened in my cunt, pulling tighter and tighter, biting into me, stopping my breath.

He stood in front of me and commanded me to cum, to let go, cum for his pleasure, not mine, and as I felt the rope bite in futher to my neck, he reached forward and lifted me onto the bed, letting the airflow back into me, letting me breathe.
  I exploded, every time I straightened my body the air stopped and he bent my legs behind me to allow me to breath, and he lent down close to my ear and said to me.................
"Control slave, your mind tells you one thing, your body tells you another, but you do as I say, that is my control"
 And he untied the rope and freed my ankles, gently pulled it from my cunt, open my cunt with his fingers and made me cum again


  1. wow another hot post hs

    blossom xx

  2. Good heavens, intense, hot, and scary. And hot - did I say hot?


  3. Very nice post. It definitely turned me on and makes me miss what I had. Lucky girl!

  4. Thank you all for taking the time to comment, I am very lucky. It was a very intense, hot and fun time, in a very intense ten days, six moths worth, stuffed into a few short days.