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Monday, 21 February 2011

"The gentleman called and said he would be back soon".

I didn't want to take the coat off, but knew I had to shower, to get ready and so very reluctantly I stood up and took it off. I hung it in the cupboard where not so long ago I had been left. I stripped off my clothes and got into the shower.

I love having a shower, and always feel somehow renewed by it. It seemed to wash away more than my tears and left me feeling expectant and happy. I dried myself with one of the huge fluffy white towels and started to dry my hair. I don't normally, but it is one of the things that he always tells me off about, and so I carefully dried it, brushing it, which again is not something I do, even though it is shoulder length, I just rarely brush it.

As I stepped into the dress, I felt its softness on my skin, as I did it up behind my neck I thought of him and his hands on my neck. I put my hair up, thinking again of how much he likes it that way. Putting in my earrings and putting on a necklace he had given me long ago, a simple silver heart, that rested just at the top of my cleavage.

I decided not to wear any make up, sometimes he tells me to and sometimes he doesn't, but this time I decided not to.

I tidied up the rooms and sat on the chair and waited for him, I waited a long time, not wanting to turn on the television in case he came back and thought I wasn't excited about him coming back, not wanting to be distracted by the television either, I turned on the music and turned it down very low. I curled my legs up under me on the sofa and waited., thinking of nothing in particular other than how much I love being his slave, being owned by him and how happy I was.

A knock at the door made me jump, I leapt up and ran to the door, thinking maybe he had lost his key, I opened the door smiling, ready.................but it was room service.

My heart sank, thinking he was busy and had ordered me dinner. But the man wheeled in a trolley and began to set the table. He carefully laid the cutlery on the table, the plates, he moved the orchid onto the centre of the table and lit the candles.

"The gentleman called and said he would be back soon".

And with that he left.

I looked at the table  and was filled with happiness and a sudden stomach rumbling hunger. He hates that I am a fussy eater and always makes me try food. I wondered what we would be eating, he likes just about everything, especially fish and I hate it, so I was hoping it wasn't that as I really was hungry by now.

I heard his key in the door and once more leapt to my feet. He flung the door open dramatically and stood there smiling at me. "I see you are ready slave, you look lovely, give me five minutes, close your eyes"
I could hear him crashing about in the room for a bit, I heard him in the bathroom; could hear him washing, heard the swish of the towel as he took it off the rail. I smelt his aftershave, and I heard him come back into the room.I heard him sit down and sigh.

"You can open them now slave".

I was half expecting a surprise of some sort; not a gift , but a surprise, but there he was opposite me, looking very clean, very handsome, in a beautiful white shirt and pair of trouser, and bare feet, which made me smile. I think,, in his rush he had forgotten his shoes.

"Hungry slave? I am sorry I was late".

I was itching to ask him what was for dinner, and then it arrived and I couldn't believe it. It was all of my favourite food. Each course was my favourite food, not his, but mine. He smiled at me as I laughed at the food and how thoughtful he had been. I thanked him over and over again, but he just said "My slave, you are welcome".

And when the last bit of dinner had been eaten, the wine had been drunk, the candles were flickering gently, he took me by the hand, and led me to the bed.

And there we  made love,................... nothing else................... we just made love.............................late into the night..................soft gentle, loving, heart wrenchingly beautiful love making.

I woke in the middle of the night; he was fast asleep, his hand resting on my breast, and as I stirred his hand tightened slightly and he smiled in his sleep.
I slipped out from underneath his hand,  picked up my dress and his clothes, put on a rope, quietly went into the bathroom.

I returned with my rope on around my neck and as I got back in beside him, I put the end in his hand. His fingers curled around it and he whispered.

"Sleep well my slave, I love you".

And I lay in his arms, safe, and full and very very happy and I closed my eyes


  1. How beautiful. I have loved reading this so much... thank you for sharing.


  2. You're very welcome aisha, it is making me happy to remember what a wonderful time I had home with him. It feel like if I put it out there,then it won't disappear, memories , no matter how sweet and wonderful fade and change over time. but it is bitter sweet too. Thanks for you lovely comments

  3. just lovely HS. i do think that all of the tumult of the more difficult D/s stuff can make the seemingly vanilla act of "just making love" that much sweeter...

    somehow, more tender, more loving and more connected.

    clearly, a very special time.


  4. Thanks for sharing that wonderful evening. Yes, sometimes just making love can be very sweet.


  5. Thank you for sharing your evening of making love.

  6. what can i say hs, that was just lovely, so sweet, thank you for sharing these moments.

    blossom xx

  7. Thank you all for the comments, it was one of those most perfect of nights, i feel very lucky.