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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Taking your slave outside

I went off to my work thing, leaving him alone in the hotel, he told me he had lots of work to do and I hoped that was true, because if I was leaving him alone; with little or nothing to do, then his mind would be coming up with devious plans....................

Work was intense, hard, exhausting; in a stuffy dark room, too much information in too short a time, and my head was spinning and I wanted to go back to him.

By the time I arrived back I was tired, grumpy and hungry and I knew he would be expecting something different.

I opened the door very tentatively and stepped inside the room; he wasn't at the desk, he wasn't lying on the bed and he wasn't in the bedroom either.

I was sort of tempted to look under the bed and in the wardrobe, but knew that was just one step too silly.

I felt my phone buzz in  the bottom of my bag, and delved deep to find it.....there was a message. He told me which pub he was in and the postcode. I went back out to the car, put the information into the sat nav and set off across the countryside through  the cold, wind and a slight drizzle.

I walked into the pub, my heart was pounding in my chest, I looked around and there he was sitting in front of the fire with a pint of beer in his hand and a small brandy on the table for me.

I sat down next to him and he asked about my day, he asked how the work had been and then in the middle of the normal conversation he asked how my cunt was. He does this and it completely throws me ever time, I looked around to see if anyone had heard, if they had they were showing no interest.
I mumbled an answer and he insisted I answered clearly and politely, "My cunt is sore Sir, thank you".

He smiled and passed me my drink. We sat in silence and then he told me to drink up, we were going for a walk.

I had struggled to stay warm on my visit, the temperature was about 30 degrees colder than I was used to, and I didn't have the best coat in the world, but, he had decided ........... we were going for  a walk.

We set off, him holding my hand, leading the way, along the river. The path was clear, a little slippy in places, the sun came out and the day was beautiful. The scenery was stunning; fast flowing dark water, made black by the peat from the moors,  limestone cliffs, green grass cropped short by hungry sheep and bare, skeletal stunted trees along the rivers edge.

We must have walked for about an hour, sharing the beauty, but sharing no words. We walked through one more kissing gate and he stopped and pulled me towards him. We had a good view of the path in both directions...I say we...He had a good view, I had my eyes closed, that's what he told me to do, so of course I did it.

It became a reenactment of being fifteen again, him rubbing my cunt through my jeans, squeezing my nipples, his hand inside my clothes, up my back, stroking the top of my bum...it made me smile, and then it made me giggle. He stopped kissing me and asked me what was so funny. When I told him, he laughed too , and then in a flash, he opened my jacket and pulled my top up, exposing my tits to the cold wind, to the outside world, to everything. The wind found the metal of the bars and seemed to freeze them instantly. "Bet this didn't happen when you were fifteen slave".

So there I was standing on the path my tits out  wondering what was going to happen next..........he grabbed one of my bars and led me towards the tree, pulling me hard by the nipple, he pushed me back against it, he unbuttoned my jeans..........very slowly, pulled then down around my ankles, turned me round, pulled off his belt and whooped me good and proper, the crack of the belt filled the air, the bark of the tree pressed into my flesh and my humiliation filled me............He kept at my arse with his belt for ever, or so it seemed and just when I was getting to the point when I couldn't bear it any more,  when I was beginning to think surely another walker would appear round the bend and he was too intent of my arse and wouldn't see them, he turned me around again, and told me to pull up my jeans, not to do them up and to make myslef cum. But first I was to stick my fingers in my cunt and show him how wet they were.

Oh dear........a slight give away !

He stood back and said "Well my wanton harlot , off you go, make yourself cum" and within second I was begging him to cum, begging to be allowed to cum, and he let me. And there on the path, By the river, I came for my owner, with my tits out in the cold, exposed, vulnerable and trusting that he would keep me safe.

My legs were shaking, my heart was pounding and my head was somewhere completely different, I could feel the week sun on my face and that was it,  I didn't know if he was talking to me, i was unsure of what was happening. I felt him pull my top down, do up my jacket and jeans, turned my around and I felt his hand hold mine and he wrapped his arm around me, pulled me towards him and we  walked in silence back to to the pub.
As we walked in the door the heat from the fire hit me,  and brought me back to earth. The woman behind the bar looked at me and said......

"I see you have blown the cobwebs away then"

I am not sure that she understood why I blushed, laughed and muttered, "Yes thank you, it was a lovely walk".

He sat down, and I got us a drink.

We sat in silence for a while and then he said ..."Check your phone".

 I looked in my bag, he had, at some point in the day, turned it to silent, but there was a message on it..............
"Thank you slave, thank you for giving me your trust".

He put his hand in my bag and got the keys out, put them on the table and told me I had one hour to get back to the hotel, clean myself up and be ready for him.

I stood up, picked up my bag, put my phone in it again and waited for him to tell me to leave.....

"Tick tock slave, tick tock" . He smacked my arse and pointed at the door.

I walked a little sheepishly  towards the door, turned round to look back at him, and caught the eye of the woman behind the bar, and I could swear she winked at me.