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Monday, 27 June 2011

The conversation went like this

"Hello Slave...no talking just listen".

I want to see you naked on your knees, kneeling before me your rope around your neck, your skin wet from a shower.

I want to know that you are there, ready before me, waiting to please your owner, ready to do whatever you are asked, ready to willingly do anything, take anything and be anything.

I want you to imagine yourself there now, waiting for me, feeling my hand slowly tracing down your body, cupping your breast, gently squeezing your nipple, feeling the bar I put inside you as a sign of my ownership.

I want to to think of the times you have waited like this for me, sometimes for minutes and sometimes for hours. I need you to think how you have felt as you have waited, how you have longed to feel my hand on you. How sometimes it has been gentle, caring and soft and how other times I have come up behind you and pulled your hair backwards, or how I have squeezed your nipples so hard that your knees have buckled , or the times I have pulled you up by your nipples and squeezed your breast so hard that you have cried.

Can you feel my hand slave, can you, slipping slowly round your neck, gently squeezing, your eyes on mine until I press harder and harder, and noises and sensations become detached in your brain?

Can you feel yourself struggle for breath as I close my hand over your mouth, and how you know I may close my fingers over your nose, your very breath under my control?

Think how you feel slave, when you are against the wall, or your arse in the air and I am examining you, how you feel when I make you eat and drink from your bowl, my foot on your neck or your rope pinning you to the ground at my feet. Think how you feel when your crawl across the floor drooling and begging me to allow you to suck my cock, or be allowed to cum. And think how you feel when I say no, how you have pleaded and begged me. How do you feel when I call you slut, toy, it, pain toy, slave? How does it feel when you are left on the floor and I step over you, or when I treat you as just another one of my things, one of my possessions?

When you sleep at night slave, next to me how do you feel? Is it different when you sleep at my feet, or when I make you sleep on the floor? Or when I wake you at night to please me , to suck my cock, or to play with yourself for my enjoyment?

Think my slave how these things make you feel.

When I tell you what you may or may not do, when I have you remain still or fear the consequences, when I bound you, the rope tightening as you move, the times the ropes holds you open exposing you, giving unrestricted access to your body and thus your soul.

And how my slave does it feel when you are spanked? My hand on your arse, or the crop, biting into you, stinging, think of the sound of my belt as I take it off and you know it will be used on your body and how you hold yourself still for me while I use it on you, on your arse, your body, your breasts. Think how your feel when you see my hand reach for the whip, think slave.

This slave, is your life, you are mine, and everything you have and do is mine to control, every pleasure , every pain, every breath..................my control slave.

I will talk tou you tomorrow slave, go to bed and No talking to anyone, I want my words to fill your head, don't speak, no tv no radio, no music tonight, go to sleep".

And I went to bed, my cunt dripping with longing, my head filled with his voice and my night filled with the images he had planted there, flashing images in my dreams that left me wanting him, needing those feeling he had talked about, needing to feel his control, needing that submissive feeling to wash over me, flow into my body, my heart, my soul, my being.

This morning he did not mention his phone call, did not refer to it, it was like it never happened. I began to wonder if I had imagined it, dreamt it, but I looked on my phone and he  HAD called.

Now he is working..........................*sigh*


  1. He didn't have to mention it, he knows you are thinking about it non stop. I think it was a wonderful caring phone call to remind you how he feels about you.

  2. Hi Hs

    how intense was that, i bet you enjoyed every delicious moment of that conversation. 'sighs myself here' lol

    blossom xx

  3. O, that was incredibly amazingly beautifully hot.

    Thank you.

    Good grief, thank him!



  4. As they said, that was so intense & hot. Waiting for your next continue writing, lol.

  5. SBF...thank you, yes it was a lovely phone call and i do know how much he cares *happy sigh*

  6. blossom ... it was hot and intense. Last night we were talking and he started again, and I could feel myself being to go under his spell again and accused him of trying to hypnotise me. I started to say the 13 times tables to take my mind of it, then my 17 and got to my 23 times table and neither of us could speak from laughing so much....he didnt get his wicked way though...HSxx

  7. aisha, your comment made me laugh out loud....I don't think I have thanked him yet, but I will.

  8. mouse...he 'does' intense so well, sometimes I want to avoid it because it wipes me out. I don't know why, but by the time he has finished I want to sleep for hours. i can do an twelve hour day and then gym and not be tired, but a 30 min call from him and im "done in"

  9. sl....he is so busy, we may both have to wait for a little while. he is trying to clear his caseload for when i get home, not too hopeful on that though but we will see

  10. Now this is what I call a lovely bed time call! :-) All the best x