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Friday, 24 June 2011

Going to bed with Eddie Izzard

He, my owner, not Eddie Izzard, is busy. He is working on some big new thing, so he is busy. He is trying to get it all finished  before I come home.

So he is busy.

He wants to, and will, find time for me and his evil plan of mastery of all he surveys, which here in "far away land" is me, oh and sometimes the little black cat, which I am sure has absolutely no interest in playing any of his games.

Howver, in the meantime I am to be left alone tonight.

So tonight I sleep with Eddie Izzard.

I will fall asleep with a smile on my lips, and HE will not have put it there, Eddie will have.

That will teach him for leaving me alone!


  1. Nice...

    smiling at the thought of it -


  2. Yes. I understand why you are smiling - I once saw Eddie live in Nottingham and watch him on DVD whenever I need cheering up. He is, however, completely un-Domly. Alice x

  3. aisha.....love it..always good on a cold evening.
    HSxx ps glad to hear you are smiling

  4. Alice...about as undomly as they get...think its the dress and bad eye shadow.