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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Put on hold

Well there I was just about to go and do what ever he told me and I heard his phone go.

And back to work he went. He thought he would be out for a lot longer, but but called back, so I was put on hold......

We talked this morning, briefly and I have done a days work, usual stuff, hot and sweaty, but good.

Then home and online to see if he was there.
He was.
We talked some more and then he said to me.....
"Now or later?"

So now I have to wait until he wants to play again, which according to his diary will be at 5.15 tomorrow morning in "far away land"....
Oh bugger I should have said now.


  1. laughing... with hugs,


  2. Awww!! I hope the later comes sooner for you! All the best x

  3. sub-kitten.....not yet it hasn't:(