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Friday, 3 June 2011


I just had a message from him to say that he has to work all day tomorrow and most likely he will be unavaialbe on Sunday too...sometimes this happens, sometimes it is just the way it is.

But I will miss him, miss him saying goodnight, making sure I go to sleep. I will miss hearing his voice, oh hell I will just miss him....but he will be back on Monday or Tuesday.

Oh sigh.

Maybe I will do something useful with my time.


  1. ...laughing... good luck with that "doing something useful" with your time. In situations like that, I usually end up doing something frivolous. Which, thinking about it might be useful too, right?



  2. yeay aisha! so far have planned a morning by the pool toasting my butt in 45 degrees of sunshine, a mani and pedi, and a big "bestie " chat on skype,,,hmm, wonder when he is going to be away again.:) keep smiling

  3. I like it when I have to work if Daddy is gone. But sometimes a day of frivolity is grand too! That is my today!