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Sunday, 12 June 2011

A submissive heap

He took a deep breath and so did I. He went away and thought about what I had said to him, and I sat and waited for him to talk to me.
He came back and told me that what i had said was wrong, that he wasn't like others who have passed through my life, he isn't like them.
I told him, at the time that he was, he wasn't listening so i said it again. he said no. i said yes...there was silence.
He started again telling me .........and so I interrupted him and told him that he had specifically told me that if he was going to do something that day he would tell me.....and he hadn't , he had just gone ahead and done it. Now I know he can do as he pleases, but i made it evidently clear to him that this is what he had said...and then there was more silence...lots of it.

"Sweet slave , I am sorry you felt like that , I am sorry you felt betrayed, I am sorry"

It takes a strong person to admit they made a mistake, it takes a strong person to say sorry.

The outcome of all of this was, that things are ok.

Again he has been busy and my life has been manic, but last night I waited in my tipsy state for him, and when he came he was laughing at me, at the text I had sent him, at the fact I had hiccups, he was just laughing g at me, and in a strange was it was just perfect, I shouldn't have gone out and been drinking , but my life here had taken precedence over our life for a while and i had gone with the flow and he thought it was funny, even though he had not said i could go. we talked for a while and then I went to sleep as he had to go back to work again.

This morning I woke up, without a sore head and happy to see him waiting there to talk to me.
Those first few sleepy moments, when you stretch like a cat and decide if opening your eyes is a good idea or if you will just steal another few moment of sleep...I heard him clear his throat and so woke up smiling.
We talked for a while about last night and why I had gone out  and then he had me kneel for him, and close my eyes.
I began to wonder what was going to happen but waited quietly, but not still enough and was told to stay still and stop fidgeting, not to move....to close my eyes and empty my mind of everything apart from him.
So I took a deep breath, and waited, breathing slowly and tried hard to empty my mind of all the stuff that fills it day after day, the stuff that gets in our way, lists, chores, worries, other people, everything.
then he told me to imagine that I had walked into a room, that was all blue and hanging from the ceiling was a white rope with a noose on the end.
I have a vision of standing in front of the rope as he told me to put it on, and he said every time I thought of something else other than him, and his voice that the rope would tighten.
And so I focused on his voice, on what he was saying, listening carefully to every word, my eyes still closed, becoming more and more relaxed.

He told me to cup my breasts with my hands, to feel the bars through my nipples, that he placed there, that are my sign of his ownership of me, then to slowly run my hand down my body and begin to play very slowly and very gently with my cunt.

And as I listened to the voice, imagining that I was in that room with him, kneeling with the rope around my neck, playing with my cunt for his pleasure.........I felt the heat rising in my body, my need for him growing, as I begged to be allowed to cum for him, pleading with him. He told me to put my hand onto my throat and squeeze, to think of it as his hand and as hand closed around mt neck he growled,"Cum bitch" and I exploded. My whole body shaking, convulsing with desire, with longing for him, with the need to submit to him.
And I began to feel smile at him but the tears were once more flowing down my face , tears of happiness at the feelings that overwhelmed me, the feeling of submission...............and he laid me on the floor, opened my legs and made me cum again , this time fast and furious, painful from the stimulation and I lay on the floor open and exposed.

He told me to get my cover and get onto the bed and lay down, ad I struggled to keep my eyes open, but they would not stay open, I could hear his voice, I was aware of what was going on around me, but I was struggling to stay ...............and then slowly but surely I came back to him, and lay there in a happy submissive huddle just looking at him while he worked.....oh bliss

Happy happy slave


  1. Hello! What a lovely piece to read for Sunday. Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you don't have a hangover (as I've just read your saturday post!).

    All the best x

  2. It's all good to see you happy HS :)

  3. Thank you sub-kitten and welcome too. I was surprised about the "no hangover", I am not really a drinker, so it was a pleasant surprise. hope your Sunday was good.

  4. Wow! So hawt!

    Mmmmmm and I have a blue room in my house! It will eventually be a playroom. Not sure about the noose but Daddy would love it!

  5. I'm so, so glad. Happy endings are lovely!


    p.s. word verification is shinig - which of course, I imagine you are shining!

  6. Mindset, don't let him read my post!

  7. aisha, shining is a good word, although tonight i have been told off for being late home. Hope your holiday is good

  8. Hi Hs its nice to read that everything is going well for your both, love the word 'bliss' it says so much.

    Hugs blossom xx