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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Feeling his control

I was right about there being something in the air....last night when he came online I could see the glint in his eye, his mind turning.

"You know don't you slave?"
"Oh yes Sir I know"
'You know its not to punish you, you know its just to remind you, about my control, about who and what you are...its not to hurt you?"
"Yes Sir"

So last night after kneeling for a while, he had me slowly undress for him, and as each piece of clothing came off, he examined me,commenting on what he could see. About how soft my skin looked, how he liked my tan, how he liked the way my hair was falling onto my neck. He liked the contrast of my black bra against my skin. When he checked my nipples and the bars, he commented on how happy it makes him to see the symbol of his ownership in my body, the words written around my nipples. He spoke about my cunt, how it was wet, and swollen slightly.

By the time he had finished I was almost purring with happiness and squirming with pleasure.

He told me to collect the small thin cane and two pegs. I had to run the cane over my nipples, and as they became harder and more erect, he had me squeeze and pinch then, pulling them. and then.........
"....get the pegs and peg the cane to your nipples, put the nipple on top of the cane and then peg it, then put your hood on".
As I did the first one, it slipped and I yelped,
"Do it carefully slave".

Again I tried and then began to breathe deeply as the pain flowed through me, the cane firmly attached to my nipples, he had me put the hood on and told me all I was to think about was his voice, that the pain was not important, nothing other than him was important, all I had to think about was him.
And then I had to put my hands behind my back and the pull on my nipples must have made me flinch or gasp.

"The pain is nothing, it is me that you think about, I am the only thing, no pegs no cane, no pain, just me "

And his voice filled my head, the pain subsided and I thought of him, of him looking at me, watching me, enjoying what he saw, knowing he was happy was what became important.

And then one of the pegs pinged off..and I wanted to put it back on for him, but he told me to pull the other one off and cane my nipples five times each, and to do it quickly.

Without thinking I canned them, and waited for him to comment..............he told me to make myself cum.........my cunt was dripping and I came so fast,the orgasm ripping through my body, and as I was cumming he told me to pull the hood off.

After i had cum I stayed there on the floor, kneeling before my owner, waiting for him to talk, unable to look at him , feeling submissive......and he started again, looking at my body, commenting on how it looked now, how he had enjoyed using me , how I was his.

When he had finished, I had to get the cane and the rope, then tying the rope around myself under my tits, I had to tie the cane to myself, criss-crossing the rope around me to ensure that the cane stayed where he wanted it, under my tits.

So for last night I slept with the cane tied to me, tied to my tits, to remind me that it can be used on me, to remind me that whatever he wants to do...he can. And surprisingly , I slept very well, apart from waking once, I slept through the night and  I woke  when he called me, I once again knelt before him and removed the rope and cane, and expecting the pegs again, I waited, not wanting to do it, they were tender and a little sore, but knowing that I would do as he asked. I felt completely under his control, submissive, ready to please him.

The pegs were there, the rope was there, the cane was there...............but once again he examined me, talking about what he saw, commenting on what made him happy.

"Now tell me slave, how do you feel?"

And I thought for a moment , and I thought some more and I had just three words, "Submissive Sir, owned".

"Oh slave you should see the smile on your face".

And he made me lay down on the floor and make myself cum for him, and as I came I was filled with such feeling of submission I asked him if I could be allowed to lie in "my place", face down on the floor, arms behind my back, ankles crossed.

He chuckled and said "Oh course slave, its where you belong, you may get up when you are ready".

And I lay there for about twenty minutes, floating away on a wave of happiness and submission, my mind filled with thought of him, how I can make him happy, how I can be a better slave for him and how I love him.

And when I sat up, he was smiling at me, his glasses on the end of his nose, and I knew he had been reading, waiting for me.

And it felt how it should be...two sides of the coin. two separate people.... one entity.

"Now my slave . off you go and enjoy your last day off, what ever you want, do whatever you want".

 And what I wanted filled my head "And no slave that does NOT included kneeling the in front of me, I'm going to bed, go have fun".

And he sent me away, with a virtual pat on the arse............oh sigh.


  1. O, HS. That's so lovely.


  2. oh what a perfect start to a day - Aisha is right - just lovely

  3. aiaha, it was so lovely, I am one lucky slave:)

  4. greengirl, it was just perfect.thanks you.:)

  5. SnowCaptive........................yes:)
    Thanks for the "Awww"