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Thursday, 2 June 2011

He holds the key

This morning he took me somewhere special. He took me to that place I love to be, but a place he holds the key to.

He let me go there, watching me as I went, sent by his actions, his words, the feelings he filled me with.
He watched me as I sat there before him, knowing he was there, able to see him, but not seeing him, able to hear him, but not hearing him, knowing that I was there because he let me, floating in that gentle subspace, the one filled with happiness, with calmness,submission and  completeness.

The subspace that you ease back from, floating as if falling gently through a cloud, knowing that your landing wil be safe, controlled, comfortable and gentle.

And landing, knowing he was there waiting for me, knowing I am cared for, loved.


  1. Big sigh... content sigh.



  2. Thanks aisha, I don't know which letters to use to make the sound of a sigh...if I did, there would be one right here.

  3. That sounds like heaven to me. I get the feeling that you are happy and content with life. Enjoy!!

  4. Yes SBF, thank you, I am,and each day like this one is special.

  5. hidden slave...

    Awesome and sounds wonderful!