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Friday, 17 June 2011

Then another list arrived: Pegs, ropes weights, vibrator, plug

Oh finally, I have sat down, stopped and have enough time to write. I know there has not been this much of a gap between posts since I started.

There is so much to say and I hope I have enough time to say it.
We have hardly talked in the last few days, in fact if I haven't been working I've been asleep pretty much, apart from one night, when he absolutely insisted that I talked to him.

So late in the night I switched on my computer and saw a list:
Control, pain, silence, obedience, submission, peace.

This was his list of thing he felt had been missing in my life this week.

Then another list arrived:
Pegs, ropes weights, vibrator, plug.

I got everything ready for him and waited by the computer and another email arrived:
Strip, rope, plug, nipple and clit  pegs, kneel, wait

So I stripped and inserted the plug, put my rope around my neck, not tight, but there, so I was aware of it, I attached the pegs to my nipples and clit and knelt down and waited for him.

My email pinged and another one arrived, "Turn the camera on and put your face on the floor with your asre facing me and when you hear me ping turn around and open your cunt for me."

So I did as he said and knelt on the floor, my arse exposed, the plug filling my hole and waited to move position until he had finished looking at me.

Instead of a ping, my phone went and he called and told me to remove the plug and hold my arse open for inspection. Then he told me to replace it, turn around and show him my cunt so he could inspect it, to pull it open by the pegs attached to it. I waited there until he had finished the inspection, waited while he commented on how my cunt was wet.

I stood on instruction so he could see how the pegs were on my nipples, and he told me that I was to attach the weight to the pegs and stand and wait for him. The weights are two small silk bags that had  held  present from him. They get filled with coins,the number and weight of depending on what he wants. I filled the bags and stood.

I could feel the weight pulling down on my nipples, but by standing still I felt I could control how I dealt with the pulling and the pain.

After ten minutes he told me to do and get the thin rope from the cupboard where it is kept. I had to climb up onto the shelf and reach up, and then I had no control over the pain, or how I deat with it, because I couldn't. So it filled me as the weights pulled the pegs, and I knew that this was the moment the control became his again..

I was instructed to fold the rope in half and then tie it to the bags, pulling them together, but still allowing them to hang down and then each end was to be tied to a peg on my cunt, effectively joining my pegged nipples and cunt. My hands were shaking by the time I had finished, my eyes full of tears and my breath catching in my throat.

He then told me I could choose.

I could pull the pegs on my cunt apart and tie them with another rope to my legs, or I could get the vibrator and make myself cum, standing in front of the camera.

I have not cum for what seems like a lifetime, and yet I knew that it would hurt too, but not as much as the first option.

I hate it when he counts.

"Cum please Sir"

 I had to walk to the bed and get the vibrator and push it deep into my cunt, turning it on to full.
"Fuck yourself hard slave, ram that vibe in, imagine its my cock fucking you, fucking you like the slave you are"

Standing before him, the rope pulling on my cunt and nipples I fucked myself with the vibrator, the orgasm building deep inside me, coming at me in waves, threatening to overwhelm me, flowing through me .

I begged.

"Please Sir, may your slave be allowed to cum ?"

 "Who do you come for slave"

"Please Sir may your slave be allowed to cum for you Sir ?"

"Are you sure its not for you slave, for your pleasure, this is not about you today?"

And with that I got to the point of no return,but i knew even like that tied, in pain, exposed and fucking myself , I knew if he said stop I would.

"Stand up straight and cum slave"

As I stood up straight the rope pulled on my cunt and nipples and even through the pegs were tight I felt them slipping slowly and excruciatingly painfully off the end of my nipples, and pulling on my cunt at the same time. They pulled off my nipples as I came and fell downwards, the weights attached to the rope pulling on my cunt as the orgasm ripped through me. I cried out and sobbed as the mix of pain and pleasure filled me.

As it subsided, I stood before him, my legs shaking, chest heaving, nipples sore and swollen, the blood rushing in. The rope was swinging form my cunt.

"You are beautiful slave, I love to see you give me your pain, to give me your submission. I love your obidence.Good girl"

 And from deep inside me came the peace, the feelings of submission washed over me. It filled me, took over me and took away the pain.

"Take the pegs of baby, lie on the bed.
Slave you are beautiful, your submission is ht e best gift you can ever give me".

And there I lay. I knew parts of me hurt, I knew that I had pain in me. I knew my holes were still filled, but as I lay on the bed and wrapped myself in my blanket, his voice filled me, my submission completed me.

I was his.

I am.


  1. They so know what we need. Happy for you!

  2. Oh wow. Another powerful sexy read, thank you! x

  3. Sweet.

    I'm so glad when you get what you need.



  4. Mindset, yes they do....spooky:)

  5. sub-kitten...glad you liked it.

  6. aisha, yes so am I. I have missed you:)