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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

10 random things about me

Following on from reading a "10 random things about me" post by Sir J (http://adominantcharacter.blogspot.com) I thought it would  be an interesting exercise as to which 10 things appeared in my head if I did a similar post....so here goes.

1.When I was young, I would dream about running away and living in an abandoned barn, using straw as my bed, and waiting for the circus to come by so I could join.(I blame Enid Blyton myself). I never did, but I can juggle and ride a unicycle.

2. I can never decide which is my favourite animal; dolphin, whale or elephant. I love elephants, they smell and feel warm, they can be so gentle and strong, they look so wise. Dolphins just appeal to the free spirit in me, the leaping out of the water, full of joy, riding a wake wave...because they can. And whales....just wow.
I have had the privilege of being with all three of my favourites and still cant choose...I think I'll have three favourites.

3. My favourite breakfast is papaya, with passion fruit and lime juice on top.

4. I have lived in over 50 houses, that's more than one a year.

5. I hate the cold, but love to be out in the rain. The cold makes me cry and I will do anything to avoid getting cold. I wear bed socks even here, in 32C of bedtime heat.

6. I have traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia. I have been to the Arctic circle, the Equator, seen deserts and jungle, climbed a mountain stood on a volcano and a glacier,dived on beautiful reefs and swam off an sand bank in the middle of the ocean. I have been stopped more times than I care to remember by customs (I am "that" random person), been tested for drugs, explosives, and even once held at the end of a submachine gun by an evil looking customs man. I have been as far south as 31 degrees S, as far East as 153, but never been further West than 51 degrees West, and I have never been to the USA.

7. I love bananas...eaten straight from the plant, mashed with yoghurt, fried, warmed by the sun, ice cold...any how....... I love bananas.

8. As an adult I have had 14 cats and 1 dog. I loved my dog, but would never have another one, too hard to say goodbye if ever I had to again.

9.My favourite film is "The year of living dangerously"

10. I cry at the drop of a hat, sad things, happy things, any things. But I had two children with no pain relief, not from any misguided sense of anything, just because I didn't need it, but stub my toe and I'll howl like a baby, toothache and I will so....... weird.

Ha ha ,,,10 very random things.


  1. What an interesting life - all that travel... you may not have joined the circus, but your wanderlust got honored. Nice.

    So when you come to the USA, you'll stop by Where-i-Live, right?

    Thanks for sharing yourself with us.



  2. aisha....oh yes please,I will stop by "where-you-live". Just after I have ridden a horse around Montana for a while...not sure why I want to do this, but I do, always been a dream of mine...must be the "big sky".
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I like your favorite breakfast :). Mine is Balinese sticky black rice with mango, and a drizzle of warm coconut cream over the rice.


  4. I agree about the dog. I have had many dogs over the last 20 years living here, now there are two. I'll never live anywhere else so I only have to say goodbye when they die. I would never voluntarily leave a dog, it isn't right, because their emotional life depends so much on their owner.
    We do have to say goodbye to our bitch's pups but that's not so bad because they are not so dependent on us and will go to another owner, who we hope will treat them well. We try to avoid giving them to people who we fear may neglect them.

  5. Mistress160...Thank you for the comment and link Has a look at the recipe...yum.
    I was thinking of Bali for my net trip in a few weeks, so if I go will look out for this , although it doesn't look too hard to make. Pandan leaves abound!

  6. Malcolm, Thank you for your comments.
    I think we often don't realise the depth and strength of the emotional bond that our dogs have with us.
    It broke my heart to leave my dog, it just wasn't possible to have him with me. I know he is fine, but I still think about him, dream about him and sometimes think I can smell him.