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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Like a firework on a damp night

Last night he had me to and wait for him to come online. My instruction was to kneel on the floor, naked, with my rope on and wait for him. He was about forty  minutes.....oh that floor is hard. We talked for a few minutes and had me put the vibrator in, and then we continued to chat.

He told me that I would have to ask him for permission to cum,. I responded with..."but what if I don't want to?'

It wasn't that I didn't WANT to cum, so much as I just knew that somehow my body was just not in the mood. I was tired, and he was keeping me up.

He told me that the vibrator would stay there till I asked him, and if it ran out of power the batteries would be replaced, and it would continue until I asked him.

Oh it was a tough gig...I wanted to sleep, he wanted me to cum...a little impasse....

In the end I decided if I asked, he would get what he wanted...and I would get what I needed....which was sleep.

And so I asked for permission to cum, it was granted and then I used the vibrator to do its magic, not the whole deep penetration thing ...more of the old....."Hello clit" action.

It wasn't by any means one of those earth stopping, light flashing, breath taking orgasms...more like a firework on a wet night...there......  just....a little slow to start and over in a flash.

Afterwards we talked some more and then out of the blue he said..."You know, I know when you are play acting".

I asked what he meant....and I told him..."I have never faked it, ever, not with you...ever"

Once there was one time, when no matter how hard I just couldn't cum, but that's all.

No fakery, no play acting nothing.

Not entirely sure he believed me................it was the truth......................just not a 10 on the Richter Scale.


  1. it happens...it really does. To all of us, which is another reason why orgasm control in women often doesn't work out the way men want to believe it does.


  2. He must be pleased you have naked faked it with him. Always best to be honest.


  3. mouse........I think they are always surprised if things dont go how they expect..
    ty for the comment.

  4. FloridaDom..................Im afraid you lost me, Im a little confused.