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Friday, 1 April 2011

The ouchy pegs when Im half asleep

Having had a good time last night and having drunk, which I don't often do I really hoped I would sleep well.........................and when I woke up I knew that he had plans for me; he had told me he had plans....and soIi tried to stay asleep this morning, tried to slay asleep so long that he would get bored and not want to use me, not want to exert his control, I hoped he would leave me all tucked up nice and asleep.

Did he? Did he hell!

The moment I stirred he was on my case. I had barely got my eyes open when he had me on my knees.

He asked me when I had woken up previously if I really thought that he wouldn't know, that he wouldn't see.

Damn he is good.

The next bit of the conversation went something like this:

"What are you?"

"Sleepy Sir"

"No slave, WHAT are you?"

"Tired Sir?"

"I can see this is going to take sometime"

At which point I thought I better begin to behave.

"I am your slave Sir"

"Yes you are, and just to remind you that I am in charge. I am in control of you; of your body, mind and heart. It is me who decides when you have pleasure, pain, I control how you feel and how you behave"

And with that I was sent to get the "toys".

He had me put four pegs on eat breast, ouchy ones, the ones  that bite into me, and then a different one for each nipple, that squashes it into my nipple bars and always makes me gasp as I let go, the pain flooding through me. He changed his mind, and told me to remove them and put one each of the ouchy ones on the nipples. I must have looked at him in horror because he asked, "Do you have a choice?"

And this time as I put the torturous pegs on that clamped onto my nipple like the jaws of a turtle, the tears started to flow down my cheeks as I struggled to get my head round the pain. I could hear the echo of my tears from his laptop thousands of miles away.
He waited, watched as I struggled to regain my composure.

"Ready slave?"

I nodded, not wanting to move, to talk.

More pegs went on my cunt, and one on my clit.
And I knelt there waiting.

The next instruction was to get the hood, and some needles, well not some, just two. It is a while since he used needles and I wondered where they were going.

First he instructed me to put the vibrator deep inside my cunt, on full, and then to close my legs. Once more the pegs dug into my cunt, upping the pain a notch, making me begin to wish I could be somewhere else, even if it was just in my head. Every time I felt myself begin to float away, loosing touch with what was going on, my senses on overload...every time.....he would say something, ask a question, tell me to move, to keep me with him.

The TENS unit came out next and he had me attach the pad to the underside of each breast and turn it on. It started on the lowest level and over the next fifteen minute he upped it to the fifth level.
By now all I could do was follow his instructions, to listen to his voice, and keep my eyes on his..........until ..........he had me get the needles ready and then pull down the hood.

And then all I had was his voice......

He then told me I was allowed to cum, but ....when I came I was to stick the needles into my breast , just above the nipple.

As I came I pushed then both in, and then I was gone..................somewhere far away, a place filled with moments of complete peace and happiness, contentment and a feeling of "rightness".

I heard his voice ,talking me, and it was a struggle to answer him, to bring myself back to him.

I heard him tell me to remove everything,to lie on the bed, to cover myself.

I lay there, feeling loved and cared for, controlled, safe and happy.

When I woke up about twenty minutes later, he was there watching me, waiting for me to talk to him.

After asking how I was feeling, making sure everything was safely away and tidy, he said.....

"Welcome back slave, I have missed you, it's good to have you back".

And that is how I feel, I feel "back".


  1. Hi Hs

    what a lovely feeling it must be for you to feel 'back' i know you have been missing that.

    blossom xx

  2. Yay im so happy for you! I've been reading you for a while... and had been considering halting my reading of you cause your posts made me sad because I know what that feels like. But now you're back and it makes me so happy to see you are content again... it means maybe one day I will be too. Thanks!

  3. blossom.......thank you. it is a lovely feeling, I have been missing it and yes I do feel good. Thank you for your support and all your comments.

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  5. a hidden slave said...

    Anonymous, Thank you so much for your comment> i am so sorry that what I had written made you feel so sad, especially as it is based on your own experience. And it is so lovely of you to say that you are happy for me...and I truly hope that you will be too, and soon. Thank you for your comments and if you are the anonymous who commented before,,,hugsxx...actually....hugs anyway:)

  6. Hurrah! I've been waiting to read that you are back....Enjoy the feelings...

  7. abby, mindset and littlemonkey........thank you all so much for your good wishes and your happiness for me, it is good to be able to share it. Thank you.