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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothering Sunday...not just for mothers?

I was going to post a Happy Mother's Day wish to everyone who is a mother a wonderful day.........but thinking about it today I decided not to.

Thinking about the origins of Mother's Day and its basis in Mothering Sunday, a religious practice of returning to church on a given day in Lent and then later, in the UK, a holiday given to domestic workers to return home to visit families.

Also reading further and seeing the basis of it being set around the vernal equinox, made me think about all sorts of things about Spring, new life  and the new year (the Narooz celebrated by Iranians as the start of the New Year and its origins based in the Zoroastrian religion of ancient Persia).
This then led me on to thinking about "Mother Earth" and then onto the whole nurturing and caring aspect of mothering.

I looked up mothering and found this definition..."to treat a person with great kindness and love and to try to protect them from anything dangerous or difficult"

And so in celebration of all that kind and caring women (and maybe it should include men) all those who care and look after those who need it....Happy Mothering Sunday.

This isn't to say that I don't hope everyone got a lie in and breakfast in bed too and are being taken out for a lovely lunch, or left to wallow alone in a beautifully scented bath with a good bottle of wine:)


  1. Thanks - and Happy Mothering Day to you!

    We don't have that here today - we have "Mother's Day" in May, with different origins. So, hope you're having a good one today. Maybe I'll decide to treat myself to something in your honor! {laughing}


  2. aisha, yes you should...have a lovely day

  3. hi Hs

    i wish, to be left alone to wallow in a scented bath, sounds bliss but alas not this time round...lol.

    Hope you had a lovely day.

    blossom xx

  4. Hi blossom, I had a lovely day thank you. No scented bath or wine, just a lovely day. Talked to my children and granddaughter...what more could I wish for.HSxx