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Thursday, 7 April 2011

On fire

Today was one of those days that just went right.

We had a nice chat this morning, relaxed and happy. He had had a good day at work, and although my night had been disturbed by nightmares and a humongous thunderstorm, I was full of energy.

The energy level continued all day...I was on fire.

I have achieved so much today, everything went well, everything was good and now on my "downtime" I am relaxing.

He came online earlier and talked to me, and told me that I looked hot (as in sweaty, not as in "Oh my god you look so hot I could ravish you here and now" sort of hot) and I could do with cooling down. I was threatened with a cold shower, which I absolutely hate. I took sometime just to  gently and politely remind him that I really didn't like them and how they make me feel physically.

 He told me he was only joking, but to remember, that if he says I am to have a cold shower, then I will have one, and to remember whose choice it is.

Anyway, off he went to work and has left me to it, left me relaxing, and I am to talk to him later.

I think he is planning something...not sure what...............just having a Mary Poppins moment :

 Wind's in the east, mist comin' in.

 Like something is brewin' about to begin

 Can't put me finger on what lies in store

 But I feel what's to happen, all happened before.

Oh where do we keep this information in our heads, and how
 do we retrieve it at what seems like 
the most oportune moment.........like I said....Today I am on fire.


  1. Hi Hs great to hear you have having another great day, its lovely after you have spoken with your Master to be left feeling 'on fire'!!!

    blossom xx

  2. Yep, it's great to hear you sounding happy. I love that ditty - you call it a Mary Poppins moment - it's not from the books, is it? If it is, which one? I had them as a child and loved them so much, I would have thought I'd remember that, but maybe not. E-mail me if you like - aisha.hisservant@gmail.com



    BTW, my word verification is cheermi

  3. blossom.......thank you for your comment:) It is so good to be feeling like I normally do, if that makes sense. Thanks for all your kind comments and support when things were bad, I really appreciate it.

  4. aisha,thanks for your comment , and yes I am happy, its not from the books, but from the movie, one of Bert's songs.i will email you.