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Saturday, 2 April 2011

On my hands and knees

Yesterday he told me that he wanted to talk to me later, that he was busy at work, and that I was to be awake at midnight my time and to be ready to talk.

After the morning where he had me up and out of bed before I was even awake enough to rub my eyes, I made sure I set my phone for 11.50.

He appeared online and chatted for about an hour earlier in the evening. That just didn't quite leave me enough time to go to sleep and wake up feeling like I had been asleep....if you know what I mean. So I decided to just stay awake...and therein lay the problem.

At 11.30 I can honestly say that there was a huge battle going on in my bedroom .....between me and the sandman....he approached sneakily from behind and tried hitting me over the head with the big sleepy mallet...and I fought him off.
He tried crawling up onto the bed next to me, and dusting the sleepdust into my eye and I brushed him off with a sideswipe.
He tired waiting until I was blinking and attempted to glue my eyelids shut when I wasn't looking.............and he got me...just about five minutes before the alarm went.

Anyway, the result of this hour long battle was that by the time he was online, I was yawning my head off, grumpy and not really wanting to talk to him, but just wanting to lay down, listen to some music and sleep until morning. Needless to say, this did not happen......he wanted to talk, not about anything an any great significance, not about anything earth shattering or changing, but just chat.

So we chatted...my lying in bed on my stomach and him on the sofa, the cat on his knee.

I was relaxed and happy, we were laughing and then tucked in the middle of a sentence was this.........

"I got the fence done, the bit under the oak tree in the corner had rotted, so I 'Go and get you toy, put it in, on full and lie back down how you are', the men came yesterday to do it."

I remember squinting at him, to see if I had heard right, and he just carried on talking and then said "go on".

I went and got the toy he was talking about, put it into my already wet cunt and lay back down.
He continued talking and then asked me if I could feel it...Can I feel it? What does he think I am? Dead? Who couldnt feel a great big vibrator in their cunt, doing what vibrators do best!
I laughed, he laughed too.

"On your hands and knees slave".

And on my hands and knees we continued our conversation, with me screwing up my face as I concentrated on what he was saying and and not cumming.

"Fuck yourself slave".................and still he continued talking and expecting me to answer.

And then again in the middle of some inane conversation, he told me I was allowed to cum.

And cum I did, collapsing in an "arse in the air" heap in the bed.
 ......and still he continued talking, telling me that I looked like I had crash landed on the bed from the ceiling.

Then he told me it was time to sleep, to go to the bathroom, tidy up and go to sleep.

 I feel asleep with him STILL talking to me.............well he did say he wanted to talk.

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