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Saturday, 23 April 2011

That was that

We were talking this afternoon. I have had a couple of really good weeks at work. Things have just gone right, everything that should have happened has; paperwork has not fallen down on me in an avalanche, equipment has worked...everything has just been good.
The week is over, I have two days off, and I was invited to a party...things were looking good. He had told me I could go, in fact I was to go and that I was to stay late and enjoy myself.

So this afternoon when we  were talking and i was beginning to get ready, I was happy and relaxed. He watched me shower as he does everyday, he watched me dry myself and it was a very lighthearted exchange, he told me I looked like I was off to a toga party,

He watched me get the cream and then asked me why I was covering myself in cream who it was for...somewhere along the line forgetting that he told me I must do it everyday....but ...........I told him and he laughed .

It was all very lovely.

I asked him if I could be allowed to please (can you see the note of beggingness here?) possibly have a drink at the party. "Yes" was his answer, "half a glass".

 "Half a glass?"..."half"...:really ...half?"

 There were notes,in fact whole symphonies of incredulity in my response.

He was certain, that he meant only half a glass.

Well, my mood dropped a little. I am not a big drinker, in fact I hardly drink at all...but really....half a glass!

So I "Yes Sired" and silently cursed him and hoped he got sunburn in the unseasonal British weather.
and then he started......................

"As you have been so cheeky, back chatting , forgetting things, giving me a 'bit of lip', you can choose.......
You can choose one of the following to wear to the party......................
A peg
 a needle
 or the TENS unit."

Oh how my little slavey heart sank.

I think my lip even began to protrude........................
It's not much of a choice.

The needle is not safe..it may fall out and without a "Sharps Box" how can I carry out "safe practice'?

The TENS unit......what I was wearing at his insistence would not conceal it ..............and also sweaty bodies at a party and self adhesive pads don't mix.

So it left the peg.

Now if you have ever worn a peg on a pierced nipple under a bra for hours you will be with me on this on....you just don't want to....its not nice.

"For the whole party Sir, the whole time? for hours Sir? till I come home Sir"

And my little slavely heart sunk lower and lower ...my skipping around the room in anticipation settled into a small sulk on my knees as I talked to him,
"You can phone me after an hour and ask to take it off slave"

And for some strange reason, all of a sudden I was happy again..................
And then he said

"Slave go and enjoy your party...no peg. Home by midnight Cinders"

And that was that.


  1. All about the mind fuck! They are so good at it!

  2. Mindset...if there were "mink fuck Olympics....he would definitely be in the finals.

  3. Oh, I'm soooo glad! I hope you had a fabulous time. Or at least a lot of fun!